Monday, December 2, 2013

Cancelled Tribal Meeting at Grand Ronde, Along with CENSORED Tribal Newspaper. First Amendment is just a number, not a Right.

The Grand Ronde tribe of Oregon is censoring newsletters, finding that publishing disenrollment information is "inappropriate". Here is a video of what the tribe is doing as told by members. PLEASE share so that this news spreads.


Anonymous said...

Here comes dis-enrollment .

White Buffalo said...

I does look like the first steps to taking complete control. I hope that this tribe will learn from our mistakes in fighting those corrupt tribal councils. For myself I did not believe it was real or true that we were being disenrolled until it was too late. I am still disappointed and hurt that family could do this to other family. I hope this tribal group will come together as one people and fight the action before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

Pala cancels yet another general council many is that this year? 4 or 5 when there is only 12 a year. Either there is nothing to discuss with a multi-million dollar tribe or the council could care less what the tribe has to say and makes all the decisions with no need from the general council to vote or have input. Or they are scared to face the membership again after lowering percap with no valid reason.