Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Unofficial Cherokee Election Results BILL JOHN BAKER WINS!

UNOFFICIAL CHEROKEE CHIEF RESULTS:  Bill John Baker wins, 10,633, to Chad Smith's 9,099. That's 53.89 percent, to 46.11 percent. This does not include approximately 150 challenged ballots, which will be tallied later today.

Tahlequah Daily Press has the story.    It appears the vote total was over 19,000 versus about 15,000 the last election.  Strong feelings of shenanigans seems to have brought the voters to cast out Chad Smith


creeper said...

Hopefuly they can make it stick.

White Buffalo said...

Congrats to the new leader of the Cherokee hope he reunites the freedman, for they are the product constructed by the past as we are. It is also my hope that he and the Cherokee will lend an ear and a hand/support to us who continue the fight against the corruption that has taken residence in Pechanga and other tribes who have adopted the individualistic nature of Eurocentric capitalism and greed. May our tribe see that true healing comes from within and that those who are still part of the tribe see the wrongness of the actions of the few. Heal your spirits and come together as a true Indian people. It is through united action that you will be seen as a people of integrity and truth.