Friday, October 7, 2011

Chad Smith Campaign Used Copyrighted KJRH Video Against Bill John Baker Campaign

We caught this exchange of TV station  KJRH Channel 2's Facebook Page.  The Chad Smith campaign sent out videos that were copyrighted material without permission of the station.   One more reason why Smith is in our HALL OF SHAME

Why has this station allowed news footage to be used in a youtube video to speak against and ridicule the Appointed Principal Chief Joe Crittenden and Candidate Bill John Baker, as well as the Cherokee Freedmen. Not only that but this video makes it look as if you are supporting and endorsing exChief Chad Smith. I am NOT pleased in your actions.

Baker, Crittenden, Freedmen

Bill John Baker and Joe Crittenden are standing up for the Freedmen..
I agree - I posted a complaint about this yesterday, but have not heard anything yet. I received this channel 2 news video in an email yesterday asking me to watch this video and donate money to the Smith Campaign. It was sent by the Chad Smith campaign to Cherokees living at large. Does Channel 2 support these views??

 KJRH The Channel 2 video is being used without our consent, or the consent of our parent company. We were made aware of it just this afternoon and we are working to get this video removed.

The video has been removed, but can you unring a bell?


jeux d'argent said...

Thanks for this article !

smokeybear said...

Chad Smith needs to go! Oh, by the way, I got a letter from Gov. Brown's office saying that they are processing my application for "Tribal Affairs Advocate." "Fat chance anything will come of it!"

Anonymous said...

video removed by poster...