Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pechanga Incident of Mistreatment of War Veteran's Club Rears It's Head Again; Should Veterans BOYCOTT?

We brought you the story last year about how The Pechanga Resort and Casino mistreated a group of Vietnam era motorcyclists

Several Vietnam Veterans went to Pechanga Casino today on their motorcycles for the advertised event "Vets Eat Free" at the buffet. They called in advance to make sure they could wear their Vietnam Vet patches on their vests and were given approval.

Security pulled them out of line and told them to leave. They did not want "bikers" at the buffet and they would be arrested for trespassing. The vets explained that they had called in advance. Security allowed them to eat, with a guard present, and then made them leave the casino premises

Funny how Pechanga doesn't have an issue with their own thuggish bikers who bring Mongols onto the reservation who are friends with one you will find on Megan's Law.......hmmm, Mongols OK......veterans..no way.

Temecula Patch has the story again

"That's understandable, sometimes they crack down," Ingersoll said. "But Pechanga has no signs or anything. They can profile, pick and choose who they don't want to come in. This happened last year, and I'm still waiting to hear from the tribal council."

"The outcome was they ignored us," Ingersoll said. "Now with Veterans day coming around again a lot of people have been asking me about what happened. Well, this is what happened - they ignored us."

Not surprising, Chairman Macarro doesn't live on the rez and only comes to the Government Center which is 250 feet inside the guard shack, when he has to, which isn't often, as the tribe, outside of custom and tradition, has only had three meetings this year.

Here is from a Temecula Patch commenter Anotherview, which gives his "view" of Veterans:   Odiously, he throws his status as a military veteran in the face of others, to cow them to accept his view. He renders himself an embarrassment to modest veterans who know the value of their service while having no need to broadcast it. He should consider closing his mouth, and conform to the sensible rules in place for the benefit of all

As to their own veterans,  they treated them just as shabbily, they scrubbed their website of Pechanga veterans's which we wrote about.    

That should raise some bile about going to their buffet on Veterans Day, don't you think?   Veterans should STAY AWAY from Pechanga.

Read about ONE PECHANGA VETERAN, who they posthumously stripped of citizenship.   The cabin he helped build in 1957 is still standing.


smokeybear said...

It seems we can't get away from that "Dribble" that that "Pompus A.. Anotherview" sprews out there. If you know for a fact that it is raining, he will tell you it's not! We say we can prove who we are, and he says we can't, but can't show us any "Credible Evidence" for his "Delusional" and "Lame"(At Best)Opinion! There is no Rhyme or Reason with this "Illiterate Fool!" He(Anotherview) falls into that Shaddy Void of Demonic Pleasure as the "Devil's Advocate!"

Anonymous said...

Smokeybear...u killing me man!

Dribble happens when Mark Macarro pees and forgets to shake...drivel is the flim flam he says when he speaks to media.

malice and forethought; paraphrase....premeditation.

Oy vey! Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

'aamokat said...

Hey, who do you think Anotherview is?

I think its none other than Mr. PotatoHead himself.

The Grand Potato never sticks around for too long though as we always make French Fries out of his so called Arguments!

Anonymous said...


smokeybear said...

Anonymous said...
Smokeybear...u killing me man.
Well it's nice to know that you get it! But do you "Care?" So many times our resident "Hack"(Anotherview)attempts to disrupt the lines of truth with his "Unfounded and Non- Proveable" statements(A.K.A,...Dribble!) This, actually, strenghthens our cause, and "Motivates" us all to a higher level of awareness: For we are causing them "Pain!"..."Corruption Is, As Corruption Does," and the "Corrupt" always get caught. For these "Tribal Leaders" have gone against "Tribal Law" for their own personal gain, and there will be "Consequences," and again..."It Won't Be Pretty!" So we need to stay "Focused," for our "Fight is Right!" And for that "Anotherview?" He is unable to state any truths in his "Statements!" Just "Dribble!"

White Buffalo said...

I like that about making French-fries out of what the Potato say’s.

Anonymous said...

Pechanga put a veteran monument up by the church on the reservation. This was done before the disenrollment of the Hunters. Lawrence Madariaga was a WW II veteran so was his brother Tomas. This shows intent to disenroll and disrespect for veterans. Pechanga has no respect for veterans, civil right nor their own by laws and constitution.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

NOTICE THAT AS SOON AS YOU START FROM SILVER CARD AND WORK YOUR WAY UP TO RED CARD MEMBER. THAT ONCE YOU MAKE IT TO PLATINUM CARD THEY START GIVING MESSING WITH YOU AND OR BEFORE YOU GET THE RED CARD THEY KICK YOU OUT FOR LIFE. Really MESSED UP. F:;@ Pechanga resort and casino security who thinks they can get away with anything. Its really starting to get out of hand. It's not fun anymore.