Monday, October 10, 2011

Elizabeth Larson Reports: Robinson Rancheria Tribal Members Convene to Kick Out Tribal Council

Our friend Elizabeth Larson has the story of BIG HAPPENINGS on the Robinson Rancheria, a COMPLETE change in the tribal council. You will recall that tribal chair Tracey Avila was just arrested on embezzlement charges.

After four years of strife resulting from overturned or delayed elections and the disenrollments of dozens of tribal members, a majority of the members of the Robinson Rancheria Band of Pomo decided they had had enough.

Meeting on Sunday afternoon at Elem Colony in Clearlake Oaks, tribal members acted, in their words, to take back control of their tribe by kicking out the sitting council, installing a new one and voiding the tribal government structure.

“It just shows that we're all fed up,” said EJ Crandell, who by meeting's end would find himself among the newly elected council members.

According to the organizers of the Sunday meeting, based on Bureau of Indian Affairs guidelines and the tribe's own constitution, approximately 75 enrolled members – or 51 percent of the tribal roll – needed to take part in the voting to make it valid.
Of the close to 100 people present, it was determined that 79 enrolled members were present, clearing the way for them to move forward on a slate of 12 resolutions.

And move they did, swiftly voting unanimously to nullify a 31-year-old tribal constitution and removing from power the sitting tribal council, which includes Chair Tracey Avila and members Curtis Anderson Jr., Michelle Monlo, Kim Fernandez, Stoney Timmons and Nick Medina.

“It's a new world. It's a new path,” said Clayton Duncan, who was elected the interim tribal chair.

Along with Duncan, the new interim council will include Bruce White, Nathan Solario, Monty Orozco, Rosita Anderson and Crandell, a slate accepted as part of the agendized resolutions.

The new council will spend the next 90 days working to get the tribe's operations back up and running, appointing new committees and setting up an election for permanent officers.

Click this link for the rest of the story at the Lake County News

We invite all other tribes to stand up to those corrupt tribal councils that act outside their tribal constitutions.


smokeybear said...

O.K., this is good. Now how about "You" Pechanga?" How about taking the hint and clean your "Dirty House?" Kick out the "OLD," and bring in the "New?" And let the "Chip's"(No Pun Intended) fall where they lie? The Membership "Could" realistically fix what is "Broken" and start to reverse the damage that the "Macarro Cartel and his Henchmen" have "Grieviously" inflicted on us(Illegally) for nothing more than "Greed, Political Power, and their own Self Interest: Their Pocketbook!" Pechanga, when are you going to get it? "Heritage and Birthright" is what is so very important for our "Tribe's" existence, and for our "Children" to know who and what they are: "Pechanga!" You have the means and the ways to confront these "Criminals" and to bring back the days when our "Constitution and Bylaws" was the "Law," and meant something about "Justice and Fair Play" for which it was intended. Not perfect, but what ever is? But good enough to rid "Pechanga" of its "Corrupt and Criminal Elements" and start over, so we can "Make Right" all the "Wrongs" that has been inflicted on us since the advent of the "Casino!" For if you don't remove that "Cancerous Growth of Corruption" that festers within the "Pechanga Indian Nation," in time it will die. It's starting to happen with other "Tribes," why not you, "Pechanga?"

Anonymous said...

Makes that fool who wrote about giving another post look even more stupid.

Had Eddie Crandell given up, he wouldn't be tribal chairman now.

Don't give up, re-energize the fight.

White Buffalo said...

Now let’s see if the new Robinson Rancheria will bring back those who were disenrolled illegally. By mending the wrongs of the past is the best way to start. Remember that you are Indian first, so community, custom, and traditional spiritual ceremony come first. Then teaching the young what it takes to live as an Indian. Even as a modern Indian who is above the contemptible greed and strife that you fought to rid your selves of.

Anonymous said...

You have to believe Eddie Crandell will do the right thing.

Maybe disenrolling a convicted embezzler might be the right thing to do?

smokeybear said...

We are all "Native American Indians" first and formost. Our "Heritage and Birthright" dictate who we are. We were here in the "Americas" long before the "Thieves" came to take away what was "Ours!" We fought bravely for what was ours, but without the tools to fight off this massive influx of raiders, our fate was sealed. The "Government of Old" was created for the good of all: "All Men Created Equal," except the "Native American Indian!" We were called "Savages, Red Man" and the like, because we tried to keep what was ours: "Our Land," and our self respect. They rounded us up and put us on "Reservations of Worthless Land" so as to give settlers prime land. They gave us "Indian Agents" to keep us at bay and to watch for any possible uprising so they could act decisably against any and all threats. These "Indian Agents" gave us blankets laced with "Small Pox," and starved us in the hopes that we would be unable to "Fight Back!" And nothing has changed. The "White Man is still at "War" with us by taking no action to fix what is "Broken" in "Indian Country!" But the "Perameters" are the same, but now we have to contend with our own people doing the "White Mans" work for them. Since the advent of the "Casino Indian" steps have been taken to "Erase Us,"..."Illegally"... from our repective memberships for nothing more then "Greed and Self Interest." That is why we are in this fight, and we will be in it till we "Win!" And we will. For as a "Cuz" of mine once said "What Goes Around, Comes Around!" For in the end, the "Corrupt" always gets "Caught!"....."AND IT WON'T BE PRETTY!"

Anonymous said...

Makes that fool who wrote about giving another post look even more stupid.

Never happen at Pechanga the real blood are fat lazy pussies! (give it up) move on!

Anonymous said...

Not time for giving up. We can still smack Pechanga on the water rights issue. They have not come to allottees for input and that money for water should go to allottees, not off-reservation tribal members.

So, wonder if this fool is coming back again? Or he just happened to check the internet again??

Anonymous said...

Glad the Ms. Larson can write up a story without having to worry that the paper will pull it due to loss of advertising revenue.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The problem with some Pechanga tribal members is they just don't care as it hasn't happened to them.

On more than one occasion I have talked to tribal members around town and when I tell them how unfair it was what happened to us, even when they agree, they say they just don't get involved in that sort of thing.

They won't go to bat for us as a lot just don't care.

Luiseno said...

"On more than one occasion I have talked to tribal members around town and when I tell them how unfair it was what happened to us, even when they agree, they say they just don't get involved in that sort of thing."

Not doing anything places them in the position of support for what has gone on. They ARE involved, and if they try to hide there head in the sand to try to hide from there responsibility's, just makes there posterior more available to Mark and his cohorts to take advantage of.

So go ahead and do nothing, hide your head in the sand, and enjoy the ride....