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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

CA Assembly Speaker John Perez (D) Takes Hefty Donation from Pechanga Tribe, Which Violated the Civil Rights of Their People and One that Practices Apartheid On their Reservation

The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians has cut a hefty check to Building California's Future, the ballot-measure committee of Assembly Speaker John Perez, D-Los Angeles.   This means that Speaker Perez turns a blind eye to the civil rights violations and the tribes practice of APARTHEID

The Temecula-area tribe's Sept. 15 contribution was reported Monday.

The tribe briefly made an end-of-session push for legislation designed to block the Liberty Quarry project near Temecula. The bill stalled at its first Senate hearing but could be resurrected in January.

Why do we think Perez would have supported the Arizona boycott for “possible civil rights violations”. LOOK AT YOURSELF Mr. Speaker. You help Pechanga get away with civil and human rights violations in TEMECULA CA.  Not to mention the THEFT of citizenship.  That is NOT the same as asking someone to see their ID or required paperwork.

Give the donation BACK.


creeper said...

John Perez whoring out to the highest bidder. what more can you say!

Anonymous said...

All politicians take donations, but this is substantial, and it is from a tribe that clearly should be on a DO NOT ACCEPT list.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Speaker Perez for standing up for the deep-pocketed tribe vs. the little people that have been beaten by the sovereignty club. Hope you are proud of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Is he getting enough for a paid vacation or enough to buy a new car for his wife or daughter? I call it hush money, don't show don't tell like the gay military business!

Anonymous said...

How much?...any email for him?

Anonymous said...

Their all alike, tahts why i never registerd to vote. Another jackass on the take for pechanga!

Anonymous said...

He got $15,000 from Pechanga. But, then, that would only be one month's per capita from a disenrolled member, so it's nothing to Pechanga.

Love how the anonymous above thinks not voting is accomplishing something.....

Anonymous said...

The donation was completely legal. Just wondering if Perez would take donations from, say, the Hells Angels, or the KKK. If not, why not?

Pechanga acts like thugs and they practice apartheid.... what's the distinction Mr. Speaker?

Anonymous said...

And you have to wonder what favor Macarro is going to get now?...Latino looking after Latino.

Anonymous said...

He will have the Speaker of the Assembly in his back pocket, when the Liberty Quarry bill comes to a vote.

Anonymous said...

How is Pechanga violating civil-rights by donating contributions to political officials?

Anonymous said...

There is no violation of civil rights in the donation.

Pechanga denied us the right to

confront our accusers
see the evidence (non existent) against us
have writing implements
attorney present
defend ourselves (we were bundled into a group with only one person allowed to speak)

Not allowed to ask questions
Not allowed to present new evidence
Judges included the son of one of the committee
Two family members of another family under investigation, were allowed to vote on our family, while our family was suspended from their assignment.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think Mark.M's family are devil bible plus who under mark. We are holy bible! We keep faint in god hand,we can wait as long is!

Anonymous said...


stand your ground said...

Dear Anon October 6, 3:42 pm

your postings, misspellings and sentence structures are done deliberately....your not as uneducated as you like to make us believe. I'M ON TO