Thursday, October 27, 2011

Former Tribal President INDICTED on Embezzlement Charges; Which Tribal Officials are NEXT for the F.B.I. ?

In a move that should have local tribe, The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians thinking, a federal grand jury has indicted the former president of the Tonkawa Tribe on 17 counts for allegedly conspiring with two others to embezzle more than $500,000 from the tribe, federal prosecutors said Monday.

Anthony E. Street, 47, faces one count of conspiracy and 16 counts of embezzlement from an Indian tribal organization. Street appeared in court in Oklahoma City on Monday and a trial date was set for December.

Street, Vice President Gordon Warrior and Secretary-Treasurer Dawena Pappan are accused of writing more than 300 checks to themselves from the tribe's general fund for personal use from April 2005 to April 2008. Street and Warrior served in office until elections in 2008 and Pappan resigned that year, prosecutors said

The three took care of daily operations as members of the tribe's business committee, including among other responsibilities, ensuring that proceeds from the tribe's casinos were spent on legitimate tribal expenses under established procedures, the indictment read.

In August 2007, Street, Warrior and Pappan approved large pay increases for their work on the business committee, the indictment alleged. Street's wages increased from $25.66 an hour to $62.50 per hour, resulting in an annual salary of $130,000.

Street, Warrior and Pappan also were accused of approving blank voucher requests with no explanation for why there were taking money from the general fund.
Street and Warrior remained in office until 2008, when tribal elections were held. Pappan resigned in June of that year, and a new business committee was chosen, prosecutors said.

The FBI takes its time to get it right.   Stealing dealer's tips, using tribal credit cards for family vacations to Carmel, seem to fall under embezzlement issues.   Stealing of $300,000,000 in per capita outside the tribal constitution seems like embezzlement too.


Anonymous said...

Look out boys,their coming to get ya!

White Buffalo said...

I don’t want people to think that I am a Hater. The fact is I am very proud, proud of our ancestors for having live through a time when it was legal to kill Indians. I am also ashamed of what the tribe has become, so understand that it is not hate that makes me hope that those who participate in acts of corruption within and without the government and businesses of Pechanga are caught and repaid for the wrongs that they have done and the shadow they have caused to fall on the memories of our ancestors.

Anonymous said...

Knock knock
Who's there
The F B I put your hands in the air!

Anonymous said...

Hay Mark,John and Andrew. Tic Toc Tic Toc

smokeybear said...

Well now, It's only "A Matter of "Time, now, before they "Behead" the "Corrupt Foxes(Mark, John, and Andrew) running unchecked in the Henhouse(Pechanga)!"Don't ya just "Love It?" It's been a long time "Coming, but Coming it is!" Question? What "Color Jump Suits" do they wear in "Federal Prison? And won't their new "Home be Levenworth?" I think that's in "Kansas, Toto?" Oh, another Question? Don't "Convicted Felans"(probably spelled wrong, but you get the drift), have to pay "Restitution?" Let us see what some of these "Federal Charges" (Could) be? Money Laundering? Embezzlement? Doesn't that include stealing from a "Federally Recognized Indian Tribe?" (especially John, and we know there are ...others)? What about "Pay Offs and Bribes?" Doesn't that count? And what about "Kick Backs?" That should count for something, right? Living off the Rez and not paying their fair share of "Taxes? Oh, excuse me, that's a "State" embezzlement "Charge! Makes you wonder? Might have to look into their "Federal Tax Returns?" They are so "Corrupt, that they all think that they are above the "Law?" But I guess the "Government(D.O.J., F.B.I., etc) isn't totally "Lame?" They seem to work in "Mysterious Ways," but sometimes they get it "Right!" And now, it seems, they are finally coming for "Mark and his Henchmen." Gathering "Evidence" has to be a slow and tedious process at best, but you have got to know that "Mark and his Henchmen" can't play "C.Y.A.(Cover you A..) because they aren't that "Smart." There is so much evidence out there against these "Thieves" that it is only a matter of time that the "Hammer Will Fall" and it "Won't be Pretty!" "Corruptin Is, What Corruption Does," and with "Corruption" you eventually get caught. "Maybe you (Mark) are too "Stupid" to see it Coming, but Coming it is....And with a "Vengence!" Then I guess that will settle, for all of us, "The Color of your (NEW) Jump Suit?" Maybe they will let you tailor it? And you just might have a new friend named "BUBBA?" Do they allow "Visitors at Leavenworth?"

atilla the cpa said...

There are several federal prisons that the tribal offenders may be set to. These include facilities at Victorville, Lompoc, Terminal Island and several other locations. The choices can be found at;

As luck would have it, special legislation has been instituted in the Tribal Law and Order Act of 2010 that assure that Native Americans that commit crimes in Indian Country will be treated with fairness and cultural sensitivity. see:

The uniform of the day is kaki shirts and trousers.

Anonymous said...

What about the soap that "may or may not be"dropped?

smokeybear said...

Native Americans that commit crimes in Indian Country will be treated with fairness and cultural sensitivity, (from above post). They still will be in the "General Population." How sweet it is! Can't see them giving these "Criminals" any special treatment. "YA, THINK?" Why would they: "No Money In It!" Fitting: For the "Government(Indian Affairs) won't help the Oppressed Native American: "Because there is no Money in it!" "What goes around, Comes Around!" Right Cuz? That would be "Full Circle!"

'aamokat said...

What about the about 70 people who were disenrolled from the Enterprise Rancheria for signing a recall petition against most of the tribal council for allegations they made against the council members who reportedly used tribal money for personal uses?

Well they were disenrolled for exposing corruption.