Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Temecula Indian Massacres: Two Massacres are by Pechanga Indians

Bury My Heart in Temecula: The Three Pechanga Massacres

There are three Pechanga Massacres in our last 175 years. 1847, 2004, 2006

1846 - Up to 125 Luisenos were killed in a December attack in retaliation for the killings of 11 Pauma persons who had stolen horses.

Temecula Indian Massacre

2004 - Over 300 Pechanga men, women and children from Temecula Band of Luiseno Indians were eliminated by a corrupt enrollment committee.   The charge: Failure to vote the way Frances Miranda wanted them to vote.  She led the termination of her own family members

2006 - Over 200 more Pechanga men, women and children, including award winning elders were eliminated by same enrollment committee and supported by the corrupt Pechanga Tribal Council.   The charge:  Pechanga's own hired expert was incorrect when he determined that the Hunter family was more Pechanga than any other family.

Pechanga has eliminated more of their tribe than any outside force in it's recorded history.  Congratulations to Pechanga for the mass extermination of their people.

Blood drips from the knife wounds in the back.. and thru the heart

 Remember:  If Pechanga will cheat and destroy their OWN people, do you think they care about YOU?


Anonymous said...

The part about the disenrollments is essential accurate but the massacre in the 1800's is not as it was Cahuillas who killed Luisenos not Paumas because Pauma people are Luiseno and were probably among the victims.

O.P. you need to change that part.

Anonymous said...

During the Mexican-American War, Chief Juan Antonio led his warriors to join Californios led by José del Carmen Lugo(cahuilla) in attacking their traditional enemy, the Luiseño. Lugo led this action in retaliation for the Pauma Massacre, in which the Luiseno had killed 11 Californios. The combined forces staged an ambush and killed 33-40 of the Luiseno warriors,

smokeybear said...

"Maybe "Occupy Pechanga" is in Order? "Ya Think?"