Wednesday, February 9, 2011

San Manuel Band Donates $3 MILLION DOLLARS to Loma LindaCancer Center

The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians have made a $3 million donation to the Loma Linda University Cancer Center to continue work on creation of a new, integrated medical oncology center and a biospecimen laboratory.

It is the largest single donation to the cancer center, which draws patients from all over the country. It is also the largest donation the San Manuels have made to the Loma Linda University complex.

"Tribal members were among the very first patients of Loma Linda University Medical Center when it opened in 1906," said Jacob Coin, a tribal spokesman.

"It was a very poor community who would have been grateful to anyone who provided services," Coin said. In those early days, LLUMC was the charitable donor, Coin said.
"But now the San Manuels are in a position to give back to the whole community," Coin said. "Since 2005, the tribe has donated $4.5million to various LLUMC projects, including this one, Coin said.

It's amazing what can be done by tribes that are honorable.  Contrast that with, say Pechanga, who touts a donation of $25,000 to a school.   And couple that with the theft of per capita payments of 25% of it's tribe, is there a choice between which casino you should support? San Manuel's late Pauline Murillo's PERSONAL donations are as much as Pechanga's corporate..


White Buffalo said...

Way to go San Manuel Band of Mission Indians you show the goodness of spirit that is so needed in times like this.

Anonymous said...

It proves that some tribes look out for the people that need it most and those that helped them in the past.

The way the Pechanga tribe turned on Lawrence Madariaga, we know they are not of the same character.

Anonymous said...

Manuel not angels you think. Dirty players like other theives. Just Jacob Coin spinning 'image.'

Jacob Coin was one of pests of corruption that invaded California.

Anonymous said...

Definitely not angels, the San Manuels. But they DO give large sums.

Pechanga has thieves, child molesters, liars, yet give tiny sums.

Anonymous said...

Thank you San Manuel, for showing CA that not all Indian Tribes are as bad as Picayune and Redding..and as bad as Pechanga is.

Anonymous said...

It would be comical to match up the donations to charity from each gaming tribe.

Wonder how Ray Basquez Sr. charitable donations are.

Anonymous said...

Ray Basquez Sr & Jr only give Pesos...All the old people from the Rez always said that they R Mexican's, no Indian blood. They can not comprehend when it comes to donations they only know how to take.