Thursday, February 10, 2011

Susan Bradford on Ietan Consulting: A connection to Fake Indians and Tribal Councils?

Our friend Susan Bradford continues to explore the relationship with Ietan Consulting, lobbyist for many Indian Tribes including the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians.  A principal for Ietan is Holly Cook Macarro, who just happens to be married to Pechanga chairman Mark Macarro, who led the tribal council that destroyed the citizenship of hundreds of longtime tribal members.   Ietan has links to Jack Abramoff.

One of the nation’s leading tribal lobbyists, Larry Rosenthal of Ietan Consulting, which enjoys a “strategic alliance” with the McCain-affiliated Akin Gump, became the inspiration behind both the Congressional Automotive Caucus and the Native American Caucus, which coordinate legislative action on behalf of both special interest groups and which his mentor, Congressman Dale Kildee Chairs.
The future lobbyist would acquire influence within Indian Country such that by 2006, Rosenthal had visited over 100 reservations in over 28 states. As Chief of Staff for the NIGC, Rosenthal became liaison to the White House, Department of Interior, and Congress. As lobbyist, he represented the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA), which lobbies the federal government and Congress on gaming-related matters.

Tribes have essentially become conduits for money laundering, fund raising, single source contracts for the industrialists, which they can justify by claiming minority preference. The stimulus funds President Barack Obama directed to tribes for development, infrastructure, skating parks, among other things essentially allowed the recipients of tax money to enjoy tax-advantaged and unsupervised use of the money. As Elaine Devary Willman writes in Going to Pieces: The Dismantling of the United States of America, only 19 percent of the hundreds of millions of dollars granted to federal tribal governments has been accounted to, reinforcing the perception among tribal members that “the money just disappears.”

Ietan Consulting’s tribal clients are rife with tribal memberships issues with its principals unerringly championing the interests of the non-Indian infiltrators. With federally recognized tribes bursting at the seams with hundreds of thousands of pseudo-Natives and many more seeking admission, it’s time to re-evaluate what it means to be Indian and to put a stop to the looting of the national treasury. Once the faux Indians gain entree into tribes, they acquire per capita payments, which are generated from businesses, built on capital reserved for Natives. They are provided subsidies and other benefits for housing, health care, education which are denied the taxpayers who support them. These individuals often acquired their membership through fraud, which is running up a significant tab at a time of looming deficits. While Natives and hardworking taxpayers are receiving the short end of the stick, General Motors, which received a federal bailout in 2008, has gone on to make record profits in China, which owns the U.S. debt. GM is rapidly acquiring a monopoly in this vast market, as the leader of automobile sales there. The nation’s industrialist elite and the bankers who finance them continue to realize a boon into their fortunes as the solidify their plutocracy at the expense of free enterprise and the honest, hardworking American taxpayer.


Anonymous said...

McCain-affiliated Akin Gump,holly worked for them also right?

Anonymous said...

This is for Aurene Martin.
What was your specific motive, to deliver someone whom is know as a wife beater/abuser/assaulter of women & children...Martin what was you thinking to have this "PYRO", a knife welding lounger against a local peacher, whom was/is suspected of a horrible horrendous cowardly act in Mount Pleasant, Michigan on March 19th, 1984. The headline article read - 2 sisters, infant die in fire on reservation.

Martin what was your specific motive to deliver this sadistic coward to the President of the United States, we ask?
You people at IETAN seem to think that he(Burnie-Bernie)is well respected and a wise sage around our rez...Not in the least, this coward produces demon like characters within him!
He does not respect human life, so the question is do you respect humanity...Aurene?
Well do ya...punk?!?

Two sisters and an infant were killed Saturday when an early morning fire swept through a single-story duplex at the Isabella Reservation, fire official report.
Kim Swensom, Shepherd, Tri-twp. fire chief, said the three dead have been identified as 20 yr. old (wife), 6-month old son, 16 yr. old sister, who was visiting at the time.
Chief Swenson, said department received the first call at 7:16 a.m. and responded with six units, including the Shepherd Rescue Squad.
"There was really no problem knocking the fire down. it was pretty much limited to the living room and hallway." Chief Swenson said.
"Then someone said there were people inside...we found the 16 yr. old in rear bedroom. Then we found the wife in the front-center bedroom, and 6 mo. the third bedroom"
He said it was to late to revive them.
Chief Swenson said another member a three yr. old was was staying with a relative that night, and Mrs. Sprague's husband, Bernie, told investigators he had left the apartment in the early morning to go to a neighbor's home.
Jurisdictional questions caused confusion over who should conduct the investigation, Chief Swenson said at the scene, because the incident happened on federal property and also within the Shepherd Fire department.
The point of origin (of the fire) was in the living...but we've still got some unanswered questions, Chief Swenson said.

Arson has not been ruled out, Chief Swenson said. "You never rule anything out until you know for sure."

There was clearly a breach of "SECURITY" during that visit to the whitehouse on June 19th, 2009.
Dinner with President Obama Was Adventurous AND Historical.
Who cleared his clearence?!?
Don't you think you should have inform whitehouse security this coward has a demonic history!?!

In Burnie's Bernie's words, On June 19, my trip to Washington D.C., was much more exciting than all previous trip...after all, I was actully going to meet with President of the United States.
My meeting with him was limited to three to five seconds where a picture would be taken and I would be whisked off the stage so the next person could have their moment of fame...or did he say to lounge forward, or to give him a big wet one?

Now, he is all alone...called on his sweetheart screamface-Tom Rogers to get him out of another
bind of sorts, again...lover birds!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

to poster 3:

Basically Bernie is the chief suspect in the suspicious death (murder?) of his first wife and children. He is allegedly a cocaine dealer/smuggler and has been written up for embezzling from the casino. He has also been seen channeling demons and has chased his minister and wife around with a butcher knife.

Tribal members are upset that with a background like this, he got to be photographed with the president.

He is in trouble on the reservation and now Tom Rodgers of Carlyle Consulting is doing media rounds to defend his actions. (Bernie also lied in McCain's hearings...)

Sag Chips want some accountability.

Anonymous said...

Poster 1 -- Holly Cook worked for them too, yes.

Ietan has entered a "strategic alliance" with Akin Gump.

btw, did you see how much Gila River spends on (Akin Gump) lobbyists?

Anonymous said...

Holly Cook works for Ietan and previously for Holland & Knight

White Buffalo said...

Holly Cook works for Ietan and previously for Holland & Knight

Is that Marcy's wife?

Anonymous said...

Who is Macy? You mean Moccarro? Yes, she is the wife of your Chief.

Anonymous said...

Chief? NO! Greasy Thief!

White Buffalo said...

He is not mine, remember that I am a victim of the lust of power and greed that infected the tribe when the casino was built, in fact, he threatened to have me forcibly removed from a meeting because he did not want to hear what I had to say about the legality of the class two gaming machines that the tribe was going to install. Do you think that he wanted me in the tribe then? I feel bad that I made waves because I feel that it hastened our disenrollment. I always wondered why the families were switched in the lineup of disenrollments. I have no love for the cowards who professed allegiance and then stabbed us in the back.

Anonymous said...

We call Mark Macarro the Bloated Pig on the Rez.

Anonymous said...

Was I hearing that C-Span may do a story on this group (Ietan) and to talk indepth about the book "Lynched" further? - On dealing with the latest crime-wave rates while dealing with the nature & methods erupting and utilized against intended victims. The stripping & dissolving of tribal nation's citizenships.

The boogieman (IETAN & company)...the boogieman has to cease this type of behavior & methods of systematically harming of natural genuine Native Americans... the true americans.

This group has directed & imposes placing/pointing assault rifles on our small young children, when one reveals their methods of deceptions!
A few of us can testify to this action, they impose!
While our kids are sleeping guns are on them or if they are riding in cars with parents, then they dispatch tribal officers out to spy on our kids or stalk, or followed, hounded, harassed and sometimes hunt for our children when they just want to ride their atv's, bikes or walk to the store or just visit with family and friends on the rez or outside the rez...our kids are in danger quite often.
They (Ietan & followers) have imposed marshall law ( something similiar) on most of the adult members of the "Original 39" that have anazlyed their crimes and have substantial evidences to their crimes.

When the corruptors don't get punished, they tend to think it is all right to commit their corruptive - cover-ups.

Our sovereignty doe not consist of corruption cover-ups filled with corruptive riddled criminals hiding behind this type of crime ridden sovereignty...It is not our type of sovereingty.

Yes, our tribal nation host sovereignty...but,
lets put( fraudulent enrollments/memberships) an end to that type of crime sovereignty...sovereignty does not allow criminals to covered-up by this type of guise.


Fire Ietan and it's followers!!!

Prosecute them, it's the only way!