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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

John Cornsilk Drops Out of Race for Cherokee Chief, Throws Support to Bill John Baker

Friend to Original Pechanga's Blog John Cornsilk has announced that he is dropping out of this year’s race for principal chief of the Cherokee Nation, citing his health, finances and a concern of a split vote in the effort to oust Hall of Shame member Chad "Our Slaves were well treated" Smith.

After talking with Bill John Baker, I feel he will uphold these needed principles and steer our people back onto a steady course,” Cornsilk said in his statement on his website. “He has listened to what I have to say, and we have opened up a dialog that will continue through the election and into his time as our next leader.”


Anonymous said...

Anyone but Chad, but hope Bill John Baker will do a good job.

Anonymous said...

Bill John Baker did not start claiming his heritage until it was beneficial to him. He's a white man playing indian. He wasn't raised Cherokee and he never had to endure the same hardships as those that were. Whenever Joe Byrd was in office, who did the Housing Authority get their housewares from? None other than Byrd's supporter, BJB (Baker's Furniture).

Anonymous said...

Bill John Baker supported Joe Byrd in closing the tribal courts and disbanding the Cherokee marshal service in 1997 — which resulted in the BIA police having to come in to the Cherokee Nation. I have no idea how he justifies those actions but rule of law is integral to governance. I would never vote for anyone willing to toss away sovereign rights and government institutions so readily

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Anonymous 4: Billy Bob John Baker is a total sham and a fraud. He is not for the Cherokee tribe. He is for Billy Bob and Billy Bob alone. He is the epitome of a slimy used car salesman, full of slime and gutless. Anyone that would have supported Byrd as Chief is a moron and should hang their head in shame. Byrd was a moron and now Billy Bob is a moron. He is going to get azz whipped in the June election and get it whipped bad because he completely deserves it. And good riddance.