Monday, February 4, 2008

Recommendations for CA's Feb 5 Propositions

California’s Propositions: Just say NO

California’s propositions for this election on Feb. 5 present a some easy choices for California. Here are my recommendations.

Prop. 92 – Community College Funding - NO

We are facing a budget crisis because we have so many mandatory obligations. We simply cannot afford to take on another. We have other priorities and we can’t handcuff ourselves for this.

Prop. 93 - Term Limits - NO THE FACTS

When the politicians who are backing this proposition can’t be honest, we vote NO. Forty-five politicians, including under-FBI investigation Don Perata, and campaign-fund-spending-on-other-stuff Fabian Nunez will get grandfathered in with this propostion. Funny, Don and Fabian don’t mention that in the commercials. Now, a sudden change in direction for the Governor and all of a sudden he want to work with “experienced” legislators? Smells fishy. Looks fishy, must be fishy. Vote No.

Props. 94-97 Expanded Gaming - No

If there is uncertainty about HOW the state gets paid, we should vote NO.
If we don’t believe the tribes suddenly care about our state budget, vote NO.
If all of 108 tribes in California haven’t received their compact yet, vote NO.
If you believe that 83% is a good tax rate for the lottery, but 15% isn’t for a gaming monopoly, vote NO.
If you believe in civil rights and understand that Pechanga has violated their members civil rights, vote NO
If you know that Indian Gaming will not go away with these flawed compacts, vote NO.
If you think that the tribes don’t deserve $36 billion while we get $9 billion, vote NO.
If you think Pechanga should NOT be rewarded for cheating their people, vote NO.
The LAO says we WILL NOT get $9 Billion, therefore, the compact doesn’t live up to expectations and thus, will not deliver on the Big four tribes promise, so vote NO.
The aforementioned Perata and Nunez are for these compacts, leaving unions out, so that is reason enough to vote NO.
If you think something was "unusual" about how the BIA handled the compacts, VOTE NO.
If you think suing to keep us from voting as the tribes did is wrong, VOTE NO.
If you think we really need the money, but a tribe shouldn't benefit from hurting their people, then vote NO on 94.
If you don't think that 48,000 more car trips PER DAY, Per Casino is a good idea, vote NO
you think that Pechanga destroying 25% of their tribe is a bad thing: Vote no on 94
If you are NOT clear as to how we will get the money the tribes say we'll get: VOTE NO on all

Please Vote on Feb. 5 and Just say NO to all the propositions.

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