Monday, May 26, 2008

Thank You to Pechanga Veterans, Some NOW Disenrolled

Pechanga maintains a page for Pechanga Veterans

They apparently still hold the Hunter family veterans in a place of honor, maintaining them on their list of veterans, for two years AFTER they have removed their families from Pechanga's citizenry, and terminated their cultural heritage.

So, they can claim them as veterans of Pechanga, they just don't want them as members. Temecula residents, THIS is your neighbor.


Anonymous said...

Well, it would be shameless to pull the names of Hunter Veterans from the Pechanga website.

Many have passed, while still citizens of Pechanga, so they would still count?

Even Pechanga wouldn't stoop that low, would they?

stand your ground said...

What makes you think they would'nt? give me one good reason. Based on the tribes performance this past 3 years? YES THEY WOULD.

Anonymous said...

They probably haven't noticed that the names are still on there, nine Hunter family members at first glance.

There have been other Hunter family members who served in the armed forces who weren't on that list but did pass away before we were disenrolled.

I wonder if Pechanga will add their names to the veterans list?

Seriously, there is a good P.R. pamplet about the tribe's history, culture and programs that was put out in about 2004 or so and in it is a picture of some young school children but that booklet was pulled because one of the children, sitting with her teacher and several other students, was a Hunter family member.

So it wouldn't surprise me if the Hunter family veterans are taken off of the Website as well.

Funny thing though, in 2003 a Hunter family member was the narrator in a pre school play about two wildcats, a traditional Luiseno folk tale, and Butch Murphy, among others, was taking home videos of the event.

So this Hunter family member is in some of the home movies of CPP members!

So I guess they never really got rid of us completely as a desecdant of Paulina Hunter is in their family movies forever, unless they edit that one too.