Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pechanga Tribal Massacre: Cause of Death; DISENROLLMENT

Blogger Lynne Weaver, of the Sault tribe has a story that people should know about. Many tribes, in California in particular have disenrolled THOUSANDS of their members, to steal their per capita, and they eliminate their health coverage. As I've said before, it's not like being kicked out of the P.T.A.

Cause of Death...Disenrollment

As a divorced single parent, the greatest benefit to me as member of the Sault Tribe was the free health and dental care for myself and my children and fortunately, we were a healthy family. I never relied on or asked for any other services from the Sault tribe other than the health and dental care.But what about those Elders who are diabetic, have heart problems or other age related illnesses?
What about those children whose parents must rely on IHS for asthma medications so their children can breathe?
There are an untold number of Sault Tribe members who have serious health problems and have no other options for their health care and most ask for nothing more than that.But...there are a handful of directors that want to take that away. Not for one moment have they considered what they are doing to thousands of members. While they do little for the 70 grand a year plus benefits they receive, there are members who would give anything just to get a job making 1/4 of that.Dennis McKelvie seems to be leading the charge to disenroll thousands of members of the tribe and he is followed closely by Cathy Abramson, DJ Hoffman, Joe Eitrem, Lana Causley, Keith Massaway and Fred Paquin. Now the last 3 must have some significant plan in place since they are Mackinac Bands themselves but that remains to be seen ....... see the link above

At Pechanga, those involved in the disenrollment of tribal members include:

Ihrene Scearce, Frances Miranda, Ruth Masiel, Bobbi LeMere, Jennie Miranda, Andy Masiel, Russell "Butch" Murphy, Raymond Basquez, Vincent Ibanez, Gary DuBois, Yolie McCarter and Mark Macarro. They are responsible for the dead of those who have been disenrolled from Pechanga.


Lynne Weaver said...

Thank you for extending our story to your side of the country. Maybe together, we can expose the corruption within tribes.
Because of our large numbers, we have the strength to take more 'affirmative' action which may be the physical removal of several members of the Board of Directors.
Has anyone from your tribe contacted the BIA and did they respond?
I will have my moderator add the link to this blog to mine and thank you so much for writing.

Anonymous said...

If the tribes are gaining more political power and recognition in society why don't they have to abide by the same laws as everyone else? I think we need to stop demonstrating at their casinos and start lobying for rights and restrictions. They need to be accountable just like any other Californian.

OPechanga said...

There are some different laws regarding Indian Country, but most laws are the same. What makes a mockery of a tribe like Pechanga,is that they have their own constitutions and bylaws, yet did not follow them. They have NO respect for their own law.

You can both Lobby and demonstrate. Why limit yourself to one. Keep writing, keep spreading the word. Keep coming here and tell your friends.

As well, keep telling your friends and family to AVOID Pechanga.

Anonymous said...

Its true what "anonymous" said. yet theres the reality that California Indians don't really have any real implication of civil rights at the state or even the federal court level.

Point 1- When drafted the ICRA (indian cicil rights act) was meant to assure civil rights for all american indians but never included enforcement of stipulations of alleged violations of native civil rights. resulting in no implications from the federal rulings coming down on the disenrolled members cases.

Point 2: is the state, being PL 280 and therefore mandated by federal law to govern violations on indian land, ESPECIALLY AFTER MEMBERS PETITIONING BIA FOR INTERVENTION, has failed. Native Civil rights to inclusion in former native communities is still absolutely denied by 9th circut, and of course therebye lower appelate courts.

point 3- after the aftermath of the recent gaming deals handing the state of california literally BILLIONS MORE in gaming revenue from OUR casinos,

-despite not assuring gaming agreements are being redistributed to non-gaming tribes.

-despite a lack of enforcement of NCRA violations by enrollment commitee and tribal council MINORITIES.

-the state is in violation of PL-280, where enforcement is concerened.

As a result of your implication that thousands of St. Sault Maries might "phsyically remove" the enrollment members resposible for the rights violation is impossible here is california where not only tribes are small in membership numbers, but also local county agencies like the sheriffs and city police officers are working in concert now with the tribes violating their memebers rights as a result of Quasi- legal direct/ indirect contributions to the local agnecy (ie-sheriff) resulting in increased response for those members responsible for the dis-enrollments alone.

And en'masse tribal demonstrations of these 2000 + california indians and the few that even know about the issue have had little result at Sacramento.

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling that betrayal, corruption, greed, and lies can cause within a trusting soul. When those who you believed in turn their backs on you and say you are not one of them and that you don’t belong, so don/t ever give up hope the battle will still be won. It is up to us so stay in the fight no matter how hard the corrupt keep knocking you down, get up. It is in this way that we show our strength, and it is in this way we prove we are right because they that have done this to us have used their influence and power they get from the dollar to buy those who write the rules, and they sway the uninformed to believe the lies. They think they have won, but the Turtle may seem slow but we are sure in our path and we will not stop. Stay strong in your endurance and know we are also out there fighting for the same goal you may not know it or see us but we understand and are there The turtle will speak to you he speaks soft and slow, so listen to him when your spirit is at peace with your mind and heart. Guero Nunez aka White Buffalo

Lynne Weaver said...

What is happening in Sault Ste. Marie is the result of corruption by the former chairman. The election was always fixed but the last chairman's election was being overseen by some mysterious "Men in Black" who circulated with cameras and video equipment which
intimidated the election crew to produce only true ballot results.
Previously, a large quantity of ballots were withheld from members and filled in by the former chairmans team to make him the winner. Ballots were "issued" to members who had passed on.
The police chief was caught on camera committing gaming violations and is going to court on Feb 14 for beating up a tribal female employee for turning away his sexual advances. There is a former female police officer that was sexually harassed to the point she suffered a breakdown. When she filed a complaint with the HR director under the former chairman, she was fired. There are others that claim they were raped by the Police chief who has been suspended by the current chairman. This police chief also sits on the board of directors and votes on his own demise. 8 of the directors on the board are what we call Bouschorists (supporters of the former corrupt chairman).The former chairman went through multi millions for his own purposes including suspected buying out the white society in this town.
It is a huge mess and who knows if we can survive this as a tribe. We have asked for BIA intervention as a last resort but not one word so we will take the law into our own hands since we are a sovereign nation.

Anonymous said...

theres the answer i guess as a result of BIA IN-action, and the violations of members rights, that the effect of our benefitiing from soveignty also ends up meaning we're on our own to enforce our own rights. As whacky as it sounds yes its true. Quasi as it is. even here in PL 280, which you might benefit from reviewing.

In illegal tribal elections, there was no BIA help, in tribal disenrollments there was no BIA help, when they violate the law at the IHS facitity theres no response from BIA either. PL 280, you still go to jail, I guess in Califirnia the soveighnty idea is only an idea that has been piece mealed into the states right to take california indian cash, but not step in to protect indians rights. Nothing new there, white people have been swinging the heavy hand of the law on Indians in california ever since they showed up.

To me shwartznegger saying we pay our fair share is no less immoral or offensive that the genicidal acts them-selves. Voters, non-indians everyone should be absolutely outraged at the ability of the state to come onto rancherias in califirnia and take our gaming money in violation of tribal soveirgnty while we are still denied civil rights as drafted in the federal law ICRA.

Its Bull Sh_T!

Anonymous said...

We need more of our people holding positions within the US govt. We are still controlled by the government so why is it the only time they honor our sovereignty is when we need their help.

Once a corrupt tribal government takes over a tribe, there is nothing the members can do as it stands now...unless we uprise against our own government.

Most people are too apathetic to care and in the Sault Tribe of Chippewa and Ottawa Indians of more than 37,000 members, we have the numbers to remove our corrupt tribal government...but few will stand up.

The chairman and a few directors are helpless against our constitution designed to protect corruption instead of the tribe and its members.

Most members get little more than a minimum wage job while families and friends of the former corrupt chairman still hold jobs they are unqualified for and make far more than they should but are protected by a majority on the board who still support the former Chairman who is inching his way back in through a corrupt election Chairman.

Members complain, they ask what can be done and they want someone to do it for them but they are too frightened to participate publicly and that is a necessary element for success.

We claim a government to government relationship but the US govt' holds all the cards. They will cross an ocean to assist other foreign govt's but not one within the boundaries of America.

Tribal govt's all over America should join and demand complete sovereignty and all of their land claims so that we can truly govern our own without US interference or expect a real government to government relationship with the U.S.