Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thank You for Your Support of Original Pechanga's Blog

With the Cherokee Freedmen and Snoqualmie issues on the front burner, there is plenty of news to put forward. I want to thank you all for visiting my blog and hope you can find your way here a bit more often.
Many tribal members have suffered from disenrollments, banishment and unlawful terminations in California's Indian Country.

These sites, (including this one) are available to all to educate themselves:
Original Pechanga's Blog

PLEASE let your friends and family know about these sites. We are trying to keep the information flowing. If you have some news that you feel should be posted, feel free to email me at: Keeping track of all the news could be a full time job, and, I have one of those already. I do my best, and hope you understand when I'm lagging a bit.

We have to raise the stakes a bit and having a site like this one is a good start. We are getting views from the House of Representatives and the US courts, as well as quite a few tribal offices. Your visits here, regularly will boost the traffic and keep those meters registering. If you could link this blog on your MYSPACE pages and ask your friends there to look in, it WILL help. With as many tribal members that have been hurt, we should be seeing 3,000 visits a day and we are about 2900 short. Please check in and as many of you know, the comments are OPEN, but moderated. Silence is NOT golden in our issues.

We need to be vocal. Please HELP.

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