Friday, May 16, 2008

Soboba to Sue Sheriff's Department for Protecting it's Citizens and San Jacinto Residents from Armed Gunmen: UPDATED

UPDATE: Soboba Tribal Chairman apologizes for his remarks.

Earlier this week Salgado accused deputies of coming to the reservation to "blow people away" and referred to the local sheriff's station commander, Capt. Glenn Worby, as "General Custer."
Worby sat silently in the corner of a small conference room as Salgado opened the meeting with an apology for his remarks to the press.
"Over the past two weeks this has escalated out to some bad blood between the Sheriff's Department and myself," said Salgado, who sat at the head of a heavy wooden conference table with an eagle feather laid before him. "I ask forgiveness if I offended anybody." OP: Very good Mr. Chairman


Chairman Salgado's tribal members shot at tribal security guards, shot at sheriff's deputies with HUNDREDS of rounds of ammunition, shot at a RCSD helocopter, representing the opportunity for HUNDREDS of wounded and dead. And he wants to SUE them? How about holding a thank you party for saving his reservation from basically crazed gunmen.

People of Southern California, I'd AVOID Soboba like the PLAGUE. Salgado thinks his civil rights were violated, but where was he when tribes like Pechanga, Redding, Picayune violated the civil rights of its OWN PEOPLE?

SAN JACINTO, Calif. - The chairman of the Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians said the tribe is planning to sue the Riverside County Sheriff's Department after a deadly gun battle in which deputies shot and killed a tribal man and a woman on the reservation May 12. ''We're planning to bring legal action against the Riverdale County sheriff's office. We think our civil rights have been violated and there were clear violations of jurisdiction. We're meeting with our attorney at 1 o'clock today,'' Chairman Robert Salgado told Indian Country Today May 14, less than 48 hours after the shootout.

At the center of the jurisdictional issue is Public Law 280, a 1950s termination-era law imposed on the nations that gives states criminal jurisdiction on Indian land. The deaths occurred less than a week after sheriff's deputies shot and killed another tribal member on the reservation.

According to the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, deputies responded around 6:20 p.m. to a 911 call ''in reference to an assault by a deadly weapon.'' Police said they were told that unknown suspects were firing at a ''guard shack'' on the reservation where two tribal security personnel were on duty. A sheriff's department helicopter arrived and came under fire, according to the police report.

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Creeper said...

WE THINK OUR CIVIL RIGHTS HAVE BEEN VIOLATED??? SOBOBA CHAIRMAN SAID... YOU THINK ? YOU GUESS ? Mr. Chairman, i know that you are aware of what the Pechanga Tribe has been doing for the past three years. WE KNOW, AND YOU KNOW , THAT OUR CIVIL RIGHTS AND OUR HERITAGE HAVE BEEN TAKEN FROM US. THERE IS NO GUESSING ABOUT THAT. Will you stand up for US? Speak out against Pechanga's corruption ? We would welcome your help in our fight. sincerely Yours, MARK L.

PHunter said...

It's a dangerous job to be a deputy sheriff. The men and women of RCSD do a great job. Thank you all.

Anonymous said...

THIS IS JUST ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF HOW TRIBAL SOVEREIGNTY HAS BEEN MISUSED AND PUT CORRUPT TRIBAL MEMBERS ABOVE THE LAW there is no respect for those who protect our cities with their lives everyday if you commit a crime you should pay just like everyone else in this country,signed POLYSQAWLIS

Anonymous said...

Since "ALL" are uncertain as to what really HAPPENED in SOBOBA, IMO I think any comment against or for the RCSD is unwarranted, and unnecessary.
If you weren't here, you don't know. If you've never experienced the harassment "just because" you live out there, you don't know.
So until and IF all the information is EVER released, it's better nothing is said on the subject.

OPechanga said...

I COMPLETELY disagree. We KNOW that weapons were being fired AT Sherrif's deputies and Helicopter.
We KNOW that that is ILLEGAL.
There was NO harassment in this case.
SOMETHING should be said about the criminal element at Soboba that thinks it's okay to shoot at our deputies.
SALGADO should have kept his mouth shut about Custer and shoot first crap.
We KNOW about harassment, Concerned Pechanga People did that to OUR Families.

Creeper said...

My friends at Soboba have been telling me that this has been going on for years. They should know, they live there. That Reservation has experienced a lot of problems. They have their Hoodlums just like the Pechanga tribe has theirs. Goes to show you that the Elders don't teach respect anymore. They hand out per cap checks and that's it. The Cops where patrolling the area and where shot at... FYI...if you shoot at someone, that person, he or she has a right to defend themselves. themselves.