Thursday, May 15, 2008

Riverside County Sheriff's Heroic Under Assault Weapons Fire at SOBOBA Reservation

I would like to extend my appreciation to the Riverside Sheriff's Deputies for the heroism at the Soboba Reservation. They have answered the calls for help when shots were fired. Soboba members, using assault type weapons, were endangering the surrounding community as well as the reservation. These deputies engaged the criminals, and endangering their team to protect the people of Soboba and San Jacinto.

Ask yourself: Would YOU be willing to go headfirst into a firefight? One gunbattle lasted an hour! See the VIDEO of Sheriff's spokesman

THANK YOU Riverside County Sheriffs, for protecting the people. Good thing Pechanga shut down its nightclubs, so that you don't have to send so many deputies there to take care of the thugs from the rez.

Alan Jackson postponed his Soboba Concert? Out of fear for his life and the bands?

Soboba families, we are sorry for the loss of your brothers, sons daughters...and thankful that they didn't kill anyone else.

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Anonymous said...

You Nailed that one. I agree, way to go Sheriffs Dept. It is too bad that this tribe(& tribes like Pechanga, the poster child for civil rights violations against their own) are attempting again to avoid the resposability for the actions of their out of control members. A newspaper is now repoting that when the 2 were killed they were hiding behind a tree, like they were somehow defense-less & attacked. Come on & the male was wanted on a 1 million dollar warrant for weapons & drugs. Avoiding jail time he had earned. It is really hard to feel sorry for them. We will grieve for the family's though. I hope peace can come to Soboba. They have yet to kick their own members out just for $$$$$$$$$ like Pechanga.