Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Riverside Sheriff Takes Step to Improve Soboba Relationship

Good work Sheriff. I doubt you will get many takers from a tribe that pays per capita, but it's a good step. Chairman Salgado, what are YOUR next steps to improve relations with the Sheriff? Apologizing for your silly comments is not a big enough step.

Riverside sheriff taking steps to mend Indian relations
The Associated Press

RIVERSIDE, Calif.—Riverside County's sheriff says he is taking steps to improve relations with Indian tribes following the deaths this month of three tribe members in shootouts with deputies on the Soboba reservation.
Stanley Sniff said Tuesday that he will appoint an officer to act as a liaison for the tribes and will begin recruiting tribe members to join his department.
On May 8, deputies killed a man who opened fire on them on the reservation. Four days later, deputies killed a man and woman in a long gunfight after the pair opened fire with assault rifles on a tribal guard station.
Investigations continue into all three deaths.
Last week, Soboba Tribe Chairman Robert Salgado accused deputies of coming to the reservation to "blow people away." He later apologized for the remark.

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