Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pechanga Disenrollment Story: Shameful

In June, I reprinted by permission a blog that one of our cousins wrote. Many Californians think that DISENROLLMENT by Corrupt Pechanga People is like "being kicked out of the country club". No, I don't think so, it's a loss of CITIZENSHIP and status as a Native American.

Native Heart: Stories from Pechanga

Read the story. It's about belonging, about losing a part of your life. About someone terminating your cultural heritage via Paper Genocide.

It's about a tribal council that has not followed the rule of law, denied their citizens their civil rights and treated their elders with complete disrespect, all the time spending $10 million on commercials trying to convince you that it's ONE TRIBE, ONE LAND.


Anonymous said...

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PHunter said...

This story really tells the truth about how we have been cut at the heart.
It truly affects the Pechanga People. I'm sure it doesn't affect the CPP at all.