Thursday, May 15, 2008

.....All Bets Are OFF at Soboba: Bernsteins Opinion

Bernstein gets a little hyperbolic, as did Salgado.

DAN BERNSTEIN of the Press Enterprise

If I were a betting man, I wouldn't go near the Soboba Casino. OP: ME NEITHER! Nor Pechanga either because of how they treat their people.

Not until the RivCo sheriff and the Indian reservation declare a cease-fire. Welcome to RivCo's mini Sadr City. OP: Think about what you say here Dan, the sheriff's were responding to calls for HELP. The security guards were UNDER fire.

I don't pretend to fully understand what's happening out there, why or who's to blame. OP: Hint, Dan, the ones firing the assault type weapons at security guards and sheriff's helicopter. Start there.

But everyone knows this: There have been copious exchanges of gunfire. Three tribe members have been killed in a week. OP: Yes, the ones who were firing the assault type weapons. Thank goodness they didn't kill anyone either. They could have laid down in a prone position, but guess what? They FIRED at sheriff's deputies...who, luckily for them and us CARRY GUNS too.

And the RivCo sheriff and the Soboba tribal chairman are lobbing rounds o' rhetoric that aren't exactly climate coolers. OP: Yes, like Salgado's They will SHOOT FIRST and ask questions later statement.
These guys are, supposedly, leaders. They represent people who are using real bullets. Real people are dead. OP: Yes, criminals thankfully, not innocent casino patrons, San Jacinto citizens.

You'd think Sheriff Stan Sniff and Tribal Chairman Robert Salgado might have a few pressing matters to discuss.
But that'll have to wait. The sheriff was in Washington, D.C., when a P-E reporter caught up to him. Sniffed Sniff:
"The tribal leadership needs to take control and make it known that this type of violence against their own members and members of law enforcement will not be tolerated." OP: Finally a good statement. The tribe needs to enforce their own people. Where are their rangers? At least, Pechanga's rangers will stand by while innocent children are being thrown out of the tribal school.


Anonymous said...

Once again the media is very concerned about their advertising revenue which pays the bills. Just like at the politians that look the other way in favor of the almighty dollar. Don't want go against one of their clients or their GOOD friends like the snakes at PECHANGA that have threatened the media in the past about pulling Ad. monies. Sad state of affairs. RCSD did their job & should be commended, not have to face some sham meeting with the tribe that hired them. Sounds like Pechanga belittling J. Johnson for finding the truth that didn't agree with their evil greedy plans. God is above watching us all. Way to go O P !!

Anonymous said...

The Soboba's are violent people and there is much proof of that. We don't like them much at Pechanga, they cheat in softball.

Creeper said...

munoaboy, the Pechanga Tribe cheats descendants out of their heritage ....WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?