Wednesday, May 14, 2008

CA Dept. of Forestry will NOT go to Soboba without a Police escort due to safety concerns

Violence at Soboba Reservation in San Jacinto is making everyone nervous. The chance of being caught in a crossfire or hit by random bullets fired from tribal members has gone up exponentially. THANK YOU to Riverside County Sheriff's for their brave and heroic work in stand up in the face of assault gunfire on the reservation. Don't let a fearmonger like Salgado steer you away for doing what is right.

From an LA TIMES story by David Kelly:

A wild gun battle between
Riverside County sheriff's deputies and a pair of suspects on the Soboba Indian Reservation left two people dead and tribal members frustrated and demanding answers Tuesday."There are better ways to solve these problems than by bringing in the 7th Cavalry and wiping them out. I would say we are in a war right now," said Robert Salgado, Soboba tribal chairman and a cousin of those killed.

OP: I suppose Salgado would prefer more people dead, like say, the security guard that escaped with his life? Bringing up the 7th Cavalry is foolish rhetoric. Stupid Salgado statement: "They've got the SWAT team out here," chairman Robert Salgado told television stations late Monday as he warned tribal members to stay indoors. "They're probably going to shoot first and ask questions later." Really, Bobby? YOUR tribal members are shooting FIRST

The Bureau of Indian Affairs will hold a meeting Friday among tribal leaders, members of the Sheriff's Department and representatives from the office of Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-Redlands)."We want to bring them together so they can have a working relationship and rebuild trust," said
James Fletcher, Bureau of Indian Affairs superintendent for Southern California. "We want to settle this violence so we won't have people being shot to death."

OP: Fletcher would probably prefer that Soboba disenroll their members like his own tribe, the Pechanga did. WHO besides the Pechanga tribal council trusts Fletcher?

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Creeper said...

Trusting James Fletcher ?? you might as well stand in the line of fire, same thing. Another useless BIA POLITICO AND UNTRUSTWORTHY PECHANGA TRIBAL MEMBER