Monday, April 14, 2008

Rep. Diane Watson led CBC Attacks Sovereign Status of Cherokee Nation; Should be attacking Pechanga, Picayune and Redding

Update: Giago brings up this very VALID POINT:

When the CBC begins to use its power to go after some of the tribes of California for ejecting and denying citizenship to their members then, and only then, will their actions against the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma have the appearance of justice or otherwise their objectivity will always be in question to the sovereign people of the Indian nations.

OP: PLEASE, CBC, solve this discrepancy by going after TWO tribes of California FIRST: The Temecula Band of Luiseno Indians (aka Pechanga) and The Picayune Rancheria of Coarsegold. (Even Bill Cosby refused to perform their due ejections and denial of civil rights. Extend your correct actions against the Cherokee to the two tribes above.

Congressional Black Caucus Attacks Sovereign Status of Indian Nations

By Tim Giago (Nanwica Kciji)

The Congressional Black Caucus, in attacking the sovereign status of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, is placing in question and in jeopardy, the sovereign status of all Indian nations. At least that is the conclusion drawn by many tribal leaders across America.
OP: How else can the government of the U.S. express it's dissatisfaction with what the nation of the Cherokee has done to it's members? The Cherokee want to get rid of it's black members, or some of them, denying them their rights of well over 140 years in the making, then the US can show it displeasure and disagreement in few ways, one of them, denying them funds. After all, the Cherokee will already benefit in the funds it saves from giving the Freedmen benefits, won't they?
By staying with the expulsion of the Freedman, won't the responsibility of eroding tribal sovereignty be weighted on the Cherokee? Shouldn't the others tribes express their concerns to the Cherokee?

In a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the CBC, of which Presidential Candidate Barack Obama is member, demanded that he support their efforts to deny federal funding to the Cherokee Nation. The letter reads:

When H. R. 2786, the Native American Housing and Assistance and Self-Determination Reauthorization Act of 2007, was considered and passed the House Members of the Congressional Black Caucus and others insisted that the bill include a provision that would prevent the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma from receiving any benefits or funding under the bill until the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma is in full compliance with the Treaty of 1866 and recognizes all Cherokee Freedman and their descendants as tribal citizens.
We understand that the Senate may be considering a version of this bill that does not include these critically important requirements. We are writing to advise you that the members of the CBC will not support, and will actively oppose, passage of a NAHASDA bill that does not include this limitation. We must send the unequivocal message to the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma that failure to provide full citizenship rights to the Cherokee Freedmen will have severe consequences.


The bill was introduced by Representative Diane Watson (D-CA). Tribal leaders across America feel that this bill could threaten Indian housing nationwide. They also believe that this action by the Congressional Black Caucus could set a precedent where any Indian legislation could be threatened by any special interest group. In a memo sent out by Indian activist Ron Andrade it was noted that Obama is also a member of the CBC. “Someone needs to ask him how he can reconcile his support of the Congressional Black Caucus and his rhetoric about supporting the sovereign status of tribal governments,” Andrade wrote.

OP: Someone needs to ask Andrade why he used county emails to shill for tribes like Pechanga, discussed HERE and HERE . His own corruption should discussed before Obama's membership in the CBC

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't Pechanga have any black members? Or, more importantly, didn't the families that had their culture and history terminated by the tribe have black members?

OPechanga said...

The Hunter family does have members who are black, thank you for asking. Some where unceremoniously removed from the Pechanga school as part of the practice of civil rights violations from Pechanga.
Diane Watson, please take a stand on Pechanga.
Maxine Waters, a great legacy to leave if you negotiate disenrolled members getting their rights back.

Anonymous said...

The member was also physically attacked by a bully tribal member. Tribal rangers looked the other way, no suprise!

Anonymous said...

Does the bully tribal member have a name? If it's true, he should be proud of his actions, correct?
Let's give him his due.

Anonymous said...

Julee, daughter of former e.c. member marg d (Rumor has it)
One of the many bully's in tribe.
Big & bad? Not,Hahaha!
Your day will come.

Bring out the facts on this story O.P.!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, a Hunter family member married a black man so her kids are part black and yes shouldn't Diane Watson care about this even if she doesn't seem to care much otherwise about what happened at Pechanga?

The tribal rangers said they were there to protect tribal members in doing nothing about the Hunter family member being shoved to the ground by a Pechanga thug.

Interesting side note: the Riverside County Sheriffs Dept. was called but there is not a police report about the incident.

Did Pechanga have anything to do with this report not being taken or with it going away?

stand your ground said...

Talking about a BULLY, I would like for someone to ask Indian "activist" Ron Andrade why he denied CIVIL RIGHTS TO THE DISENROLLED Pechanga people at the Native American Caucus in Anaheim in 2007. Those who where there know what this guy's idea of activism is. I would suggest for Creeper to have a private audience with this Jerk and ask him those questions and let him justify his answers. Oh well one could only hope...Sorry Creeper, i was just thinking out loud. We know that you are the good guy.

Anonymous said...

Indian nations should rise up against those other nations that are harming sovereignty by using it as shields to hurt their own tribal members. CHUKCHANSI is a terrible example of this.

Anonymous said...

I was the person who managed to convince Bill Cosby to cancel his appearance at the Chukchansi Gold Casino. What I did was call his agent at William Morris and tell them that Mr. Cosby could come to the casino to perform, but if he did, I would make certain that the newspaper and the tv stations would be informed that Mr. Cosby was advised of the membership terminations and that his performance amounted to an endorsement of genocide on paper.
I was transferred to at least three other people who got that same information from me and then, with a letter from my friend Cathy Corey, I emailed a follow up to the agent. After that, Bill cancelled promptly.

The Tribe was devastated. They couldn't believe that someone could do such a thing.

Well, as a terminated member, I couldn't believe that they could do such a thing to me either.

The total cost in lost revenue to the Tribe is estimated to be $1.5 million. It's an expensive but worthy lesson in how to bring attention to these gross offenders.