Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pechanga/Picayune Defender Carole Goldberg

The article linked in a previous post here quotes UCLA Law Professor Carole Goldberg. Who is she and why is she always quoted defending the despicable actions of disenrollment? Is it because tribes are showing her the money?

it was Goldberg’s extracurricular involvement with Native American politics that netted UCLA a handsome donation of $4.05 million from the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians.

Goldberg in the article is quoted as saying: “Carole Goldberg, chair of the UCLA Native Nations Law & Policy Center, called COMPLAINTS OVER DISENROLLMENT OVERBLOWN. Some of the human drama is being amplified," she said. "The tribes concede their sovereign authority if they talk to the non-Indian world, so they don't say much, which just leaves opponents to do much of the talking,”

OP: So Carol Goldberg is in the tribe's pocket and thus, you know where her loyalty is: To $4 MILLION.

Here is what Bryan Galt, disenrolled Picayune member wrote in a letter to Ms. Goldberg:

Who are you to make such a claim that the enrollment issue is overblown? Can you imagine being told that your US Citizenship is being questioned and that you have only 90 days to provide proof that you belong here? Can you imagine going to a hearing with the same rules as Gitmo and providing evidence that is swept under the rug? Can you imagine being told that your Citizenship has been terminated and you must move out of your home and leave the country at once (especially since another ‘Citizen’ needs your house)?

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Show her the money and she speaks what she's told.