Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why aren't those affected by Tribal Disenrollments Working together

Paulina Hunter's Blog wants to know

Is it because some want to claim credit for "saving" those Indians who won't stand up for themselves?

Do our families really not care enough to do ANYTHING?


stand your ground said...

Seems to me that some of your family members don't have the guts to stand up and fight against the corrupted Pechanga Thugs that ousted them. What have they got to lose now? Are they so afraid of speaking up ore are they divided against each other? Makes no sense to me. This Tribe has hurt a lot of descendants and they need to be called on the carpet and brought to justice...THE INSIDE OF A PRISON WOULD BE A GOOD PLACE TO START.

OPechanga said...

You are absolutely right....

Creeper said...

o pechanga...i have asked myself this question for the past 5 years and i can only say that we as a family who's heritage and rightful inheritance was stolen by the Pechanga Liars and Manipulators, we, the proven beyond a doubt descendants of this tribe need to rally as one family. Praying and hoping and ignoring the issue won't help us to get back our stolen identities. It is our duty to bring these criminals to justice and to protect our land. We need to summon the warrior within all of us and get our heritage back for our children and our future... A'ho

giggles said...

Have they just lost hope? In a lot of wars people lose because they don't know what they are fighting for anymore. OR they do not believe their fight will gain any ground so why waiste effort. Others, might be too wounded by the corruption they simply can not fight.

When you lose hope you've lost everything.

Remind your people of what they are fighting for. Remind them that disenrollment/banishment does not mean the fight is over. They still have a voice. They still have a story. They just need the courage to tell it.


Anonymous said...

Weakness & fear is what got Hunters out. They did not fight, the ones in positions of power. Walked away defeated. Truth hurts.
Sorry to be soo negitave. Not mean.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I am not sure what we could have done differently short of storming the castle and taking over the government building, which to me was not an option.

People forget that the Manuela Miranda desecendants, the other large family line removed from Pechanga tribal membership, sued the people responsible for their disenrollment before their disenrollment was final and yet they were kicked out anyway.

What could we have done when members of the enrollment committee were saying, "it doesn't matter what documentation the Hunters are turning in they are getting disenrolled anyway?"

Some of us have never gone away and never will, What family do you think Original Pechanga, the person who runs this blog is from?

The Hunters of course and what do you think 'Amo'kat means in the Native tougue?

'Amo'kat means Hunter so I guess I haven't walked away either.

Sure mistakes were made, I for one was not as versed in tribal law as I should have been, and we weren't united but we can't do anything about that now as all we can do is go from where we are.

As the great baseball sage Yogi Berra said, "it aint over til its over" and it isn't over by a long shot!