Wednesday, April 16, 2008

California Tribe Hides behind Sovereignty to Avoid Suit for Shoddy Work.

The Supreme Court will decide next month whether to hear a case against Blue Lake Rancheria, which is operating a business off reservation. Appears the company they bought, did some shoddy work and now they won't stand behind it.
As you know, Pechanga and its chairman Mark Macarro hides behind sovereignty in denying its people basic civil rights and in not following the rule of law (Pechanga Law)

Article on Blue Lake HERE

Tribal sovereignty and alleged shoddy construction at an El Dorado Hills house make strange bedfellows in a legal case that could reach the U.S. Supreme Court.
When Rita Carns hired J & L Construction to build at 216 Knapp Ct., the firm was in no way connected to a Humboldt County American Indian band living on the Blue Lake Rancheria.
But it is now, and her attorneys argue the tribe is liable for damage from water intrusion to Carns’ house.
But tribal officials say nay, nay, not a penny will I pay. Blue Lake Rancheria is one of a growing number of Indian tribes going into business off-reservation, buying or starting ventures in territory not governed by tribal sovereignty.

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