Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pechanga's Drinking Policies Hurt Sales

Now that Pechanga has had to shut down their high value nightclubs, it looks like they have come to an agreement with the ABC and are limiting their much fewer patrons to ONE DRINK AT A TIME. Since they are losing close to $100,000 a night that the clubs aren't open, NOW, they are limiting their alcohol profits. THAT'S Going to LEAVE a Mark on their profits. What was that FINE they were charged for underage drinking?

The FOIA requests for U.S. government activities at Pechanga are underway. Included is the tax reports for uh, how would you call him..?.. That "punk assed bitch" who sucker-punched a Hunter then went running to the rez govt. office for protection. How did he earn those millions?

So, the tribe didn't get the raise in per capita they were promised either. Question to you, readers is: WHICH FAMILY is NEXT to exit, to that those who remain can get more?

UPDATE: Casinos NOT recession proof: Article HERE Apparently, Pechanga didn't want to say how the current recession is affecting them. Of course, they shot themselves in the foot with their youth's thuggish behavior.


Anonymous said...

Good words, Pechanga is full of "Punk ass Bitches" all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ young & old,history & tradition,HA!

We told you sooo, which ever family is next,dummy's. It is really hard to feel bad for those "money hungry bitches".

Bottom line they can't take their per diems to Heaven. Hunters are real & proved it!! It is gonna be hot for them down there! Evil eyes(M.M.) & ur lil bro r gonna burn,keep singin in church lil guy! We still pray for you all.

Anonymous said...

So I reckon this means they aren't going to make the promised "numbers" they said they would if Prop 94 passed? Not that they ever would have in the first place......

Anonymous said...

I heard the CPP are going after the Vasquez and Garboni families. They have been working on their plan for a long time now. Just waiting for the other disenrollments to die down. Gloria and Ed along with Jenny and her cronies are plotting. They are just using Macarro as their pawn, but are planning to get rid of him too. Everyone watch your backs

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