Friday, April 11, 2008

Gamblers being shortchanged at CA's Indian Casinos?

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This should lead gamblers to go elsewhere if they can't believe that the machines are giving the correct information. We must trust that the tribes aren't cheating us, either on purpose or because of faulty machine software.

Lapses uncovered at Indian casinos
By James P. Sweeney
April 11, 2008

SACRAMENTO – California's first inspection of slot machines at Indian casinos has found widespread software lapses that could be short-changing tribes, the state and millions of gamblers, the state's gambling commission warns in a new report.

Nearly 40 percent of those machines were running software deemed obsolete because the manufacturer had issued upgrades – in some cases, more than four years earlierdesigned to correct flaws that had emerged. Although such software does not always pose a risk, some of the flaws were serious, the commission's staff concluded. OP: If the software had flaws that needed correction FOUR YEARS ago! Why wouldnt' they upgrade it for their customer's?
The software in question has sent incorrect financial information to the central slot-machine accounting system, accumulated credits incorrectly, occasionally bet more credits than players intended and miscalculated progressive jackpots always to the players' detriment, the report said.
Credits reflect the amount of money deposited in a machine and rise and fall with winnings or losses. OP: That means that the customers could have been cheated.

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