Thursday, April 24, 2008


Right now, I have an open comment policy. Please feel free to comment. They are moderated, but I try to get to them right away. Feel free to add your comments. BE NICE.

Snoqualmie Tribal Members who were disenrolled, feel free to use this blog, we will have as much news as we can here. TELL YOUR story. Tell your friends about this.


Anonymous said...

The truth isn't always nice, sorry.

O Pechanga said...

I agree the truth isn't always nice. But you can present the truth in a manner that is civil. Posting evidence makes your point stronger.

Anonymous said...

You are very misinformed. Nobody was disenrolled.

giggles said...

Penchanga ~ OMG! I just read some of the stuff you had to endure. I am so sorry.

With how many tribes this has happened to, I wonder if their is a journal outlining how to be a corrupt government and get away with it. Every tribe I've read about it is the same process repeated over and over again.

We need to stop this at the heart. This fight is worth battling for. NATIVE AMERICAN PRIDE FOREVER!

Anonymous ~ You said No one was disenrolled? What do you call it when your blood line is wiped out then? When your voice is taken away for no reason? Our ancestors fought for their right to vote, and so will I. I am not only Native american, but I am an American. I refuse to be second class to anyone!

Anonymous ~ You can hide behind that anonymous symbol all you want, but know this, your hiding for a reason. You can't sign your name because of what? Fear.

I have nothing to fear. I never took a bite from Satin's apple.


giggles said...

Penchanga ~ I watched the news report of the disenrollments, was that your family?

It broke my heart. Your tribal chairman looks like satin.


'Amo'kat said...

Chrissie, if it was the KNBC Los Angeles report, yes those are relatives of mine and OP's who are telling our story.

Notice how the tribe's own hired expert says our family are Pechanga people and notice chairman Mark Macarro seems to glance for a second to someone else in the room, probably tribal council John Macarro, his brother, when the chairman is asked why the tribe ignored their expert (not ours) in disenrolling us.

Chairman Macarro seems to be saying with his eyes, "it's ok, I'll handle the question" to the unseen person in the room who likely was telling him not to answer that question.

Yes, one thing the chairman said is true, tribe's decide their own membership, not anthropologists, but even without the tribe's own hired expert (again the tribe hired him not our family) we still had probate records in which known tribal members from the 1800's verified that we are Pechanga people, census records, and other documents that a slim majority on the enrollment committee and tribal council ingored when they kicked us out of the tribe.

There is a faction in the Pechanga tribe who claimed that oral tradition (word of mouth) is the only way to prove membership.

The enrollment committee stacked with members of their families asked us to turn in a list of certified documents which they then ignored in deciding to disenroll us.

Luiseno said...

If like Mark M says "only a tribe knows its own history" is true, WHY did the tribe hire an outside expert to research it for them. Not once but several times! Earlier they hired the SAME expert to research the Miranda family and used his information to disenroll them. But when it comes to our family all of a sudden he dosnt know what hes talking about?

As a side note, I never agreed with disenrolling the Miranda family, and spoke out several times about it that I thought it was wrong.

giggles said...

This is the same BS happening to us. Only difference, our government was stolen by our chief and our council was illegally thrown out of office on top of it.

I have always been against tribes being in charge of their own membership. One disagreement with one person leads to accusations resuling in family blood line questions. It is Indian Bull Shit.For us, we have documents including a family tree signed by the chief's father in 1944 stating our blood levels. We have census reports, birth certificates, letters from the 1920's from dead elders talking about who is who.

When we were disenrolled we did not take the issue back to the tribe. We took it to the public. We have no court system, and there is no way the people who sent us these letters would give us a fair hearing so, we figure, why give them a legal way to oust us.

Notice, how the guilty are quick to point fingers and turn the story around. Why doesn't anyone ask them if they are so honorable, why start this in the first place?

It reminds me of the English coming here and quickly spreading lies to the other whites about how savage we were so they had less guilt when they slaughtered us.


Luiseno said...

Pechanga also has no court system, so it was left to our accusers to be both our judge and jury on our case. We were told face to face by one of the enrollment members we were going to be disenrolled no matter what evidence we provided. We also had stacks of evidence from a letter signed by the then president of the United States giving us our land allotment on the reservation. We are on every reservation censis record from its creation as Temecula Pechanga indians. We had signed wittnesses documents by tribal members from the creation of the reservation stating that they knew our ancestor as a member of the tribe. We had signed wittnesses documents from current tribal elders stating that they always recognised us as members.

But we were told that documents mean NOTHING (one member even slept during our hearing). We were told were OUT no mater what we provided.

Anonymous said...

Chrissie, did you go inside and state your case? at the meeting?
Did you put up the proof forr all of the folks there could see the documentation? I was not there,,but have been watching the tribe from a distance for 30 years,,if you have proof, and the documentation,, you sure don't need a attorney to represent yourself
peace out,,, good luck,god bless

Anonymous said...

no chrissie or any of the others that was banished did not state their case even thou they could have they just showed up and talk to the press then went to IHOP to eat . I don't know where she got the idea that we did all these things makes you wonder because it was their family that brought this out in the open for the public to hear and all the tribe ask was to prove their blood line and they are the ones that can not come up with the documents to prove the tribe wrong and i am glad that the 9 did get banished and it was their own family members that told them the wholefamily was banished not the tribe so chrissie just keep on talking blah blah blah you are still not a member haha . now the real native tribe can be at peace and you're family mole is getting scared. we know who it is just a matter of time to squash the mole

Anonymous said...

chrissie , you too look like a snoqualmoo and even a adopted one so too bad this is all over now hurray to the real snoqualmie tribe. The real Tribe is at least one-eighth blood line not under like you

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