Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Do Pechanga Members PRAY for Forgiveness for Disenrollments and for their Illegal Moratorium?

Since it's the Easter Holiday Season, I thought I'd re-issue this post from last year:

It's interesting to think about what the remaining Pechanga members pray and think about when they go to church.
Do they pray that:

1. God won't remember what they have done to their family and ours?
2. Well, I really didn't believe in the 5th, 8th, 9th or 10th commandment anyway?
3. I can come here and people will see me and think it wasn't me that voted against stopping
4. I can just give a little more to the collection plate and that will get me off the hook.
5. Please, God, let there be more slot machines.
6. Don't they know that $380, 000 per year is not enough for us to share?
7. Why are they always picking on us? Are civil rights, elder abuse, voting rights that important?
8. Why did those Hunters have so much evidence and STILL got disenrolled?
9. I sure hope the tribal council didn't lie about stopping any more disenrollments!
10. Please, God, I'm not really happy about it, but I didn't do anything about it
11. Are the terminated REALLY your people, Lord?
Should Christian customers patronize a business that treats its family so terribly? Should Christians spend money for dinner at a place that abused their elders and children? Should churches hold luncheons at a place like this? Please ask your local ministers and committees to not spend church funds at Pechanga.
Just as interesting a question: What has the parish priest talked to his flock out the situation? How much of the catechism has the CPP broken?
Are they still taking communion? What penance did they get for ruining the lives of so many?


Anonymous said...

Wow. I've often wondered what the members pray for too.. or better put , what helps them sleep at night?

Anonymous said...

They bow and pray to the Almighty Dollar...

Anonymous said...

Can you really believe in Christ and do the terrible things they have done to their own people. What church are they going to?

OPechanga said...

Temecula Ministers,

What have you done in support of the elders and children of the community?

Will you care when the Temecula Band digs up our ancestors from the cemetary?

Anonymous said...

With no souls, the tribal leaders at Pechaga will do anything including desecrating the dead.
I agree with Jessie-
"They bow and pray to the Almighty Dollar..." well put!!
You can't take it with you when you're gone.

just do it said...

Let us not forget
there will always be a price to pay
either in this World or
the Creators.
Sometimes justice does not come quick enough for some of us
but it will come.
Why is is that a prisoner finds GOD
just before his excecution?

Anonymous said...

They prey they are not next!!

Anonymous said...

Drove by Pechanga Saturday on the way to Pala...checked out the empty parking spaces and the sign siad there were well over 2,400 empty parking spaces...this has to be hurting the bottom line and the per capita of the with any luck...what goes around comes around..talked to some patrons walking out and they said..."don't go in..this place has really tightened up the machines"...I told them I had no intention of going in...just checking out the business while on my way to another casino.
I see they have another gimmick..the big progressive has to hit before it hits one million...what do you bet that if it ever does will be a tribal member or a "friend" of the tribe....just another gimmick to get people to come back to they can line their own pockets...
What ever happened to the supposed indictments????

Anonymous said...

Interesting question about the priest of the Pechanga church.

Has he provided counseling to the members that are corrupt? or has he told them, "for a donation, your penance for destroying families will be three Hail Mary's and two Our Fathers".

Looking the other way, Father, is IMMORAL.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on now..the Church has already proved that they are no better than your tribe...they hide the pedophile priests and help only thenselves...and they also hide behind sovereign nation status..give them a nice donation and they will turn their back on what is right.

Anonymous said...

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