Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pechanga Water Line to Pollute Groundwater?

Is the pollution of Temecula drinking water worth it for another golf course? Plan on attending this meeting! Protect your children

Salt concerns raised over recycled water for Pechanga golf course
Press Enterprise Story

A project to install a pipe to irrigate Pechanga Resort & Casino's new golf course has hit a snag amid worries that water from the line will elevate drinking-water salt levels.
The Rancho California Water District Board of Directors on Thursday will consider an agreement to use district infrastructure to provide recycled water from the Perris-based Eastern Municipal Water District to the line planned for Pechanga Parkway.
At least two of the seven board members are concerned about how recycled water seeping into the ground at the golf course would affect groundwater in a nearby basin, a source of drinking water.
The recycled water has a higher salt level, more than 700 parts per million, than the groundwater, which is around 500 parts per million. One part per million equals 1 milligram per liter.
"We don't want to cause a problem for our own water supply," said board President Bill Plummer.
Adding to the situation is a consultant's report recently delivered to the board's Engineering and Operations Committee.
The report found that well salt levels have been gradually rising in parts of the lower Temecula aquifer and upper Pauba aquifer of the Wolf Valley subbasin, within the Rancho district boundaries adjacent to the golf course.

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