Wednesday, February 6, 2008

No on 94 - No to Pechanga: Thank YOU

Thank you to all my readers for your support through this campaign season. Pechanga spent $50 MILLION dollars to get their sweetheart deal confirmed. I spend about $83 dollars, PLUS had some great sushi in Temecula.

Today, we almost hit 1,000 visitors. UP to the last minute, many people were still looking for information to make a choice. Thank you to Pechanga for keeping my numbers up. They look in on my blog 5 times a day.

Stay tuned for more information here. More lawsuits coming up, which Pechanga will have to defend itself.

I hope our ancestor, Paulina Hunter, would be proud of the effort that many of us put forth in this effort to keep Pechanga from being rewarded for destroying out heritage.


Anonymous said...

How does Pechanga get by the non-smoking rules of California?..if they really don't have to follow State rules, why did they even need this agreement?.They expose thousands of workers and guests to tons of smoke daily...
I was a weekly high stakes gambler at Pechanga, but after reading what they have done to their own tribe members...I will never go back and niether would I ever trust them to run a honest operation.
Good luck in your the way do you guys have a fund to contribute to?...

OPechanga said...

Pechanga's reservation is on Federal property and are not subject to all state laws.
Second hand smoke is not an issue to Pechanga.
Pechanga recently fired the son of the former spokeswoman of the tribe for cheating the employees. It took them 8 months,even though there was solid proof and any non-member employee would have been marched right out of the casino.

At there is contact information. They may be taking donations.

What would be the biggest help, is for you to let Pechanga know that you will no longer be patronizing their casino and WHY. Shaming Pechanga in public, and reducing their business is the correct way to reconcile our outrage at what they have done to their people.

Thank you for your support.

Anonymous said...

Something else that i'm not clear the tribe members that get the per-capita pay federal or state tax on the $40,000 a month?

Also, what you are saying is that they don't care about exposing their customers to massive amounts of smoke?...its funny, they say that they can't give free alcohol to customers because of California State laws, yet they choose to ignore the State smoking ban!!..I guess the dollar is much more important to your ex-tribe than ecology and health issues...hiprocrites!!!

OPechanga said...

ALL Tribal members pay federal income taxes. Tribal members who live on the reservation DO NOT pay state income tax. Makes you wonder why so many have a POBOX as an address doesn't it? As a member living off the rez and with a job, we routinely paid over $20,000 in state income taxes.
Many casinos have smoke free areas.
The dollar IS the most important thing to Pechanga, that is why they eliminated 25% of the tribe, so they can take our rightful share.

'aamokat said...

Another thing, the tribe acquired a property about five or six years ago that has a 1500 year old oak tree on.

This piece of land is known as the Great Oak Ranch and the reason Pechanga gave for wanting the land was to preserve its natural state as a lot of housing developments were going up in the area.

However, the tribe is now putting a golf course on this property and they have destroyed the natural state around this rare tree completely against their claim of wanting the land so that it would not be developed.

This really shows how in other ways besides our rights issues, how morally corrupt the current regime at Pechanga is.