Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Morongo Install slots, Media Disinformation continues.

Morongo is adding more slots, Pechanga too. Question: Is the 500 new slots that Morongo is adding to the bingo hall, counted as being "on the casino floor" since, they won't be "in the casino?" Hmm, that wasn't spelled out now was it?

The bolded portion below, that says that highlights the tribes claim of $9 billion is presented as fact. The LAO already said it won't happen. But how can $9 billion over 23 years offset the $14 BILLION the state is behind, THIS YEAR?

Write your congressmen and aske them "WHERE IS OUR MONEY

Morongo is first to add slots

CABAZON - The lights on about 150 new slot machines turned on Thursday, and general manager Sean Sullivan says casino patrons will see as many as 400 more slots, video poker and progressive machines blink to life by the end of the week for Chinese New Year.
"We're squeezing them into every nook and cranny that we can," Sullivan said.Four tribes, including the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, won voter support Tuesday to add more than 17,000 slots to their casinos. The Morongos' slots are the first to operate.The tribe expects to add 3,000 more machines by March 1, followed by another 500 in the bingo hall next to the tribe's Las Vegas-style hotel.As slot technician Elvis Rodriguez dropped the circuitry into a new Triple Charm game under the watchful eye of gaming regulators, tribal spokesman Patrick Dorinson said installation began right away for one reason: "It's good for the tribe and the state.""We appreciate that the voters stood with us, as they have in the past," he said. "The sooner these slots are installed, the sooner the state will receive its gaming revenues."Morongo was one of four tribes to get voter endorsement Tuesday for revised Indian gaming deals for 17,000 slots. In exchange, tribes say $9 billion will flow to the state General Fund through 2030 to offset a $14.5 billion state budget deficit.The tribe, which gains 7,500 slots, will pay 15 percent of net revenue on the next 3,000 machines it adds: Base revenues will rise to $38.7 million annually.


Anonymous said...

Morongo is turning off the state revenue machine so that they can get the lions share. I am sure the estimated revenues the state receive are way over estimated. They also are not honoring child support orders for their descendants. My sons Dad is over 61K behind plus interest, and I cannot collect. Our govorner won't even respond to me concerning these issues. I guess the donations feed his family, yet my son goes hungry.

Anonymous said...

I hear that. They also treat their employees like slaves and the threats are many. The Morongo Casino is the worst and the employees that are working will not step up to the plate in fear of losing their jobs. These places need a BIG investigation done on them. The sexual harassment, the threats, the discrimination that goes on there is so bad. Especially Morongo.