Tuesday, February 5, 2008

CA Polls Closed, Returns Coming in: No on 94


With 94% of precincts reporting: Pechanga has 55.7% with the largest amount of NO votes.

11:50 and Pechanga just got a spike to 56.4%. Los Angeles and San Bernardino are still not in.
11:41 34.9% of precincts and still at 56.2% Pechanga has the most NO votes.
11:29 31.6% of precincts reporting and Pechanga is 56.2% yes.
11:27: Term limits still going down, Perata and Nunez failing to keep their seats, so far.
11:20 and Pechanga is down to 56.2% with 28.3% precincts reporting. They now have the most NO votes. Is there still time to bring that number under 50%?

Still 18,000 precincts to go. Also, I understand that they quit counting the absentee ballots once the precincts start reporting. Pechanga is on the verge of taking the lead in NO votes.

11:00 24.2% and down to 56.9% yes, it's a long way to go to 50%.
10:35: 20.1% of precincts in and its 57.1% yes. Almost a million no votes. Should be 6 million more votes to go.

I'll try to live blog some results. Let's hope that CA will not approve the gambling deals, at least for Pechanga.


10:21 17.6% of precincts and 57.1% yes. The big cities are still to come.
10:01 16% and 57.6% for Yes, coming back to the fold?
9:48: 15.1% and 58.4% is holding. Riverside County is voting
9:30: 14.3% of precincts and Yes is at 58.4%

While the results are still far from over, it looks like the yes votes are holding steady. It also looks like Pechanga has spent $50 MILLION bucks or about $66,000 per remaining member to convince CA what it was going to do anyway. Hey Ed Burbee, how do you like that? Richard Milanovich only had to spend $14 million of Agua Caliente money, because he KNEW they would win their prop. Pechanga was never sure.

9:00: Still running at 57% Yes, but with only 5% of the ballot count. Early returns still have a way to go. Sycuan is leading with the NO votes.

8:35: Sec State time. Yes on gaming is at 57% YES.

8:36: Yes widens the gap here with 53%. 91, 92, 93 looks like they will fail.

8:27: YES is up 51% with early returns. Pechanga has the lowest total of yes votes.

8:24: Still no reports in yet. This is supposed to be a huge turnout for Calif.


Anonymous said...

You have given this your all! I appreciate you getting the word out about pechanga's corruption! I hope your work pays off! if you win please take some time to relish YOUR victory, Go out to eat and have a few Margs for us!

Jeff said...


I guess I was uninformed when you get down to the details. Fair enough to our votes canceling each other out. Congrats on the win. I'll keep my eye out here next time there's a gaming proposition.


OPechanga said...

Jeff, you are the prime example of what was wrong with these propositions. Too many people were confused.