Saturday, February 2, 2008


UPDATE II: The Riverside County Sheriff's Department, staged their units, about five of them, on the sovereign nation of Pechanga's property. We are a bit concerned. Who were they there for? Riverside citizens, or the Casino?
Were the sheriff's concerned that the protestors, median aged 55, would storm the casino in our walkers and wheelchairs? Where were they when we had bottles of water thrown at us? Good thing they had K-9 units to protect themselves from some Silver Feathers. OUR elders have respect for law, unlike many of those at Pechanga, but, they got the money.

UPDATE: Family and friends were well represented today at the rally outside the Pechanga Casino. At times over 60 people made there presence know with signs and chants. We received many "thumbs up" and indications are that many who voted early voted NO. We were handing out flyers and talking to people and it looks like we were able to swing some undecided votes our way. For three hours we were in front and really, it went well.

Wish us luck today at our demonstration at Pechanga. At one of our last demonstrations in front of the casino, we were threatened by some thug types that either Pechanga sent out, or, possibly, they took it on their own to back up Pechanga (yeah, right). No matter, we will stand up for civil rights and the history of our people.

No Rights, No Compacts!

Saturday, February 2nd at Pechanga

The event will start at 10 am in front of the Pechanga Resort and Casino at the corner of Pechanga Parkway and Wolf Valley Rd. You can park on any of the side streets along Pechanga Parkway near this intersection.

If you can't be there physically, be there in spirit!


'aamokat said...

Still it is not the Pechanga members at large who are the ones who threw the bottles.

My guess it is was goons from those thugs who used to sit in the back of the room during tribal membership meetings who are from one particular CPP family who used to shout things out at other people and who tried to start fights with elders who disagreed with them.

But besides from the bottle incident that thank God missed the people they were thrown at, and a couple of obsene gestures from passersby, most of the reaction from the people going by was supportive and the event was very positive.

I wonder if the police would do anything if we could prove who it was exactly who threw the bottles or would the police side with them because they are from Pechanga?

advocate4all said...

While the Sheriff units were staged at the casino, maybe telling each other sea stories, a black Dodge pick-up trucks with four ocupants (3 or more were young girls) turned the corner screaming profanities at the lawful protestors, giving them the finger and speeding away throwing a water bottle near the demonstration, (a violation of several California laws) Maybe these girls were headed to a bank and were in a hurry to cash their enlarged per-capita checks thanks to Macarro's Masacre.