Saturday, February 2, 2008

48,000 Car Trips PER DAY to Pechanga if Prop 94 passes.

Reject Props. 94-97

More cars, less prosperity: New compacts would hurt Riverside County

01:07 PM PST on Thursday, January 17, 2008

48,000 Car Trips
These deals would mean an additional 48,000 car trips a day to the Pechanga Casino and no requirement to even review the potential consequences

OP: This was a MAJOR concern to Temecula residents that we spoke to. They have so many problems getting of the freeway exits NOW that they are just starting to realize that the traffice will be 5-8 times worse if Pechanga is to be believed.

Gambling chips at Pechanga Resort promise big winnings, but how much can the state expect from casinos?

The money the Big 4 tribes are promising in their multimillion-dollar advertising campaign is way overblown, according to a report by two of California's most respected financial analysts. The report from a former California finance director and a former policy analyst in the legislative analyst's office said a loophole written into Props. 94-97 would actually allow tribes to legally reduce the promised payments by two-thirds.

Plus, the report points out that money spent on the new slot machines would be discretionary income that currently is spent on going to dinner or buying clothes or movie tickets. Those activities all provide sales and other taxes to local communities and the state, and their loss needs to be counted against any potential tribal payments. Businesses and their employees would also suffer, and that needs to count against any job growth the slot machines would bring.

OP: Vote NO and tell your friends!


Anonymous said...

It takes three lights to get off the freeway NOW. With increased traffice, it would take..20 lights?

The tribe is going to have to get Temecula to take some homes to widen the roads. Kick out citizens of Temecula for Pechanga.

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