Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl: GIANTS WIN Let's Celebrate by VOTING NO on PROP. 94

This turned out to be a great game. We had a wonderful time with family and checking today's stats, let me say that I appreciate all the new visitors looking in while I was have a margarita, okay, two margaritas.......OKAY dang it, a LOT of margaritas.

Congrats to the NY football Giants for their great defensive effort and for little bro Eli, for turning in his fourth great performance in a row. You know, I think it's wonderful for the Dolphins to keep the record for perfections and I don't feel sorry for the Pats at all. They had a great year, and Tom Brady STILL has a lot of rings.

As for the Prop 94-97 front, we are still getting a lot of positive vibes. Your NO vote will really send a message. We've had a lot of conversations around here. You can vote NO on 94 and if you feel the other tribes deserve more slots, vote yes. Pechanga will have to answer some questions from the news organizations as to WHY they lost, while the other tribes won. How do they answer? That the blogosphere got out more information than their fake commercials with $50 million spent? That would be just perfect.

Please vote NO on Proposition 94. Pechanga does NOT deserve to be rewarded for destroying Indians of their own tribe, their own family. Take a look down my front page. I have added some additional posts so you do not have to try to track them down in the archives.

PLEASE turn your friends and family on to this blog.

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sosumi said...

Just wanted to let you now that SMP from TribalWatch put up a great bunch of photos from the protest at Pechanga last Saturday at Flickr.