Wednesday, February 6, 2008

California Gaming Propositions: AFTERMATH

The California Expanded Gaming propositions are now law. The people have voted. Now, it is up to our elected officials to "SHOW US THE MONEY".

When do we get our money from the big 4 tribes, before the additional machines can be installed? What is the payment schedule? When is the first audit scheduled? How quickly will we get our $9 billion?

I hope my readers will continue to visit this page as we move from the gambling issue and re-focus on gaining our civil rights here in California for the individual Indian. Because we are involved with the issue, the Pechanga tribe's unconstitutional actions will always be the primary focus. However, with many of us in AIRRO and sharing our issues with thousands of other Indians in California, there will always be a place for their information.

Make no mistake about it, hundreds of us have been cheated by Pechanga. The people of California have turned a blind eye to their actions, because of money. Well, they have $50 million less to spend on themselves and we have made quite a few connections where, hopefully, it will have an impact on the thinking of our politicians. Money talks, however and we've just given the big four tribes truckloads of it to use to bend our elected officials to their will.

Moral outrage will be the only way. But, do we have any?


Anonymous said...

yah, this is lame. i guess props 94-97 passing is just a big affirmation that california indian rights not an issue for non-indian voters and that even though you got kicked out with about 2000 other california indians in the last few yearz and as a result lost your cash; and we never get the cash they say their supposed to re-distribute so our members don't get too mad about money they never got anyway. Result- No moral outrage.

Its funny the people here at the rancheria are so paranoid now after disenrolling their own people, they get all pissy when somthing or someone poses a threat to their money. Result- moral outrage.

Anymore, it seems the only time anyone, or voters, white or indians, get mad about anything, or show moral outrage at issues like civil rights violations is when money is a factor! Result- moral outrage.

If thats greed its not just greed alone when applied to indian communities, the detraction and loss of cohesion between former family members when money is thrown in the equation is a loss to not only greed but its destruction of former native communtiy systems. A double whammy. result- No one says anything.

Moral outrage? Howabout "medial murmors" in relation to the lack of legislative movement to protect the rights of the disenrolled. Maybe AIROS ouggta be sending a representative on the longest walk or somthing because there is still a lack of cohesion in the proposed remedy for any of the disenrolled.

The result....?

Luiseno said...

The governor is a fool if he thinks this is going to give California any more money. For more money to be created there has to be more new money. This will just redistrubate the money they already have into a less taxable portion.

Money that was spent before at retail stores and taxed at a much higher rate, will now be redistrubated to a place that will give a much much lower return to the state.

The state of California will receive much much less from the money that its citizens make in income. Before they would have been purchasing items from stores, thest stores would then pay taxes on the money they received from goods/services sold, on down the line. And I am sure the percentage the casinos will be giving to California on the money received from these new machines will be many times lower that the tax rate on sales to regular retail stores.

This is NOT going to make any more NEW money, its just going to return much less to the state a greater percentage of the income now in circulation.