Sunday, June 18, 2017

UPDATE Dr. LEHMAN BRIGHTMAN VICTIM of ELDER ABUSE/Substandard Care at Kindred Walnut Creek Says Quanah Parker Brightman

We've written in the past about the failing health of famed Native American activist Dr. Lehman Brightman, now comes even more disturbing news that he is victim to elder abuse, via the lack of competent care, at KINDRED WALNUT CREEK suffering from stage 4 bedsores, due to lack of turning and care

PLEASE help at the family GOFUNDME PAGE

Quanah Parker Brightman, executive director of United Native Americans, advocates and cares for his father.   He brings  voice for his father, accusing county worker Katherine Riso, of laziness, as his county appointed conservator.

He has appeared before the Contra Costa Country Supervisors shown here and calls out RISO.  Just last week.  Why does there need threats of lawsuits to get county supervisors to act?

Might there be some justice here?   Who among you knows a good attorney who can take a case on contingency?

Chief Brightman  NEEDS help from Indian Country.


I HOPE this photo disturbs ALL of you.  Enough to call the 
Hospital president who is Colleen McKeown
Her exec asst is Christy ELliot 925-7606
Her office opens at 8:30 am call them right away.
Patient advocate ombusdsman is Jean Ingram 925-295-7789

UPDATE:   Quanah reports via video that the doctors are giving Chief Brightman only a WEEK of life....

UPDATE:   Nearing the end of a very full life...
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