Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Former Pechanga Tribal Council Member Raymond Basquez Sr. SUED over Alleged Unlicensed Dealer School

Raymond Basquez, Sr. elder of the Masiel Basquez Crime Family of Pechanga, who was defeated by incumbent chairman Mark Macarro in last year's election, is being sued for fraud, and running an illegal casino school.  Raymond Basquez Sr. is the  uncle of the former Pechanga tribal chairwoman, Jennie Miranda, dismissed from the Pechanga Tribe for stealing from the tribe, is the subject of a new lawsuit which alleges:

Defendants organized and operated CCC in direct violation of California Education Code sections 94886 and 94943(a) for the unlawful purpose of operating an illegal casino school and illegally charging and receiving tuition payments from consumers who Defendants mislead by numerous misrepresentations and falsehoods including, but not limited to, Defendants’ false advertisement that CCC is a “state certified” school, and Defendants’ fraudulent advertisement and use of a long defunct Bureau of Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education license number. Treating the acts alleged herein as the acts of CCC  alone would sanction Defendants’ fraud upon Plaintiff, the members of the class, and the general public and promote illegal use of the corporate form.

Linda Basquez

Raymond Basquez Sr.
Former Pechanga Councilmember

You can Find Lawsuit Filing HERE and it's interesting reading.  The law office of Andrew Twietmeyer has filed for CLASS ACTION status on this suit.   DO YOU KNOW any students of the CASINO CAREER CENTER?   Were you promised a job if you attended the school?  Did you feel cheated?    Here's the contact information for the attorney:

10780 Santa Monica Blvd.
Suite 401
Los Angeles CA 90025
Phone: 310-909-7138

Here is another interesting allegation from the lawsuit:   Defendant Linda Basquez regularly tells students and prospective students that she can guarantee them employment at the Pechanga Resort and Casino because her husband, Defendant Raymond Basquez is a member of the Pechanga Tribe and former member of the Pechanga Tribal Council. 

Trading on her husbands alleged "good name"?  What a tangle web they weave....
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