Sunday, March 9, 2014

USING Social Media to Spread Details of Injustice in Indian Country.

Here are Twitter addresses to which to share stories of injustice in Indian Country.  This blog, as well as have buttons to tweet out each story.  GOOGLE + each story too, please.  Using this method as well as email will help.

@USIndianAffairs =   BIA
@Interior = Dept. of the Interior
@IndianCommittee = Senate Indian Affairs Committee (SIAC)
@NatResources   = Natural Resources Committee
@NRDems   = Democratic Side
@Indianz   =
@CantwellPress   = Majority SIAC
@SenJohnBarrasso = Minority SIAC
@Senator Boxer   = CA Senator Barbara Boxer
@SenFeinstein    = CA Senator Dianne Feinstein

@PiaMalbran - CBS producer
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