Monday, October 24, 2011

Pala Targets MORE for Extermination; Must Prove Their Innocence

The Pala Band of Mission Indians, which recently ousted eight of its members, is reportedly asking dozens of other individuals to prove they belong in the North County tribe, a move that some believe may be politically motivated.  OP:  Let's "politically motivate" of boycott of this tribal enterprise.

People who are related to the eight ousted members have reported receiving letters from the tribe's election committee asking them to submit proof that they belong in the tribe, according to two copies of the letters provided to the North County Times.

The people who have received the letters declined to be interviewed for fear of retribution from the tribe's government.   SO, PALA doesn't believe in free speech either?

The letters, dated Oct. 17, say the recipients are still enrolled in the tribe and "will continue to receive benefits" until further notice. The 900-member tribe owns the Pala Casino Spa & Resort on its reservation about 15 miles north of Escondido.

"This letter is being sent to notify you that your bloodline is in question and your enrollment is pending with the Pala Band of Mission Indians," according to the letter. "You have 30 days (from) the date of this letter to show proof of your bloodline and eligibility to be enrolled in the tribe."  OP:  30 days!?  The tribe doesn't present it's evidence against them

Doug Elmets, a spokesman for the tribal government, declined to discuss the matter except to say that enrollment questions are an internal tribal matter. OP: The same language that all exterminators of Indians use.  it's almost like they get their script from the same place...

Those who are receiving the letters are descendants of Margarita Brittain, who died in 1925. It was unclear exactly how many people may be receiving the letters, but according to sources, more than 120 people may be affected.

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