Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Governor Brown Accepting Applications for Tribal Affairs Advocate

Governor Jerry Brown recently signed an executive order creating a position as Tribal Advisor Advocate which we wrote about here:   Governor gives Standing.....

The Governor's office is accepting nominations and applications for the position.  We need an advocate for ALL of Indian Country, not just the rich gaming tribes, many of which have violated the civil and basic human rights of their people.  In fact, those aggrieved Native Americans, if grouped together, would create the second largest tribe in California, with over 2,000 people harmed by their tribes.    In comparison, Picayune , once 1200 strong, now, because of disenrollment, only has 600 members, San Manuel, arguably the richest California tribe has less than 200 members.

The application can be found HERE     Perhaps a board member of the American Indian Rights and Resources Organization should be the advocate for all Indian Country.
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