Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cherokee Nation Attorney General Diane Hammons files Motion to STAY the Freedmen Expulsion

In what looks like quick action in response to the threat of the Cherokee Nation losing federal dollars, the Cherokee Nation asks its court to reconsider:

On Tuesday, council for the Freedmen filed in the CN Supreme Court a motion to reconsider the court's August order which essentially stripped the Freedmen of their citizenship. Today, CN AG Diane Hammons filed a response to that motion recommending the court re-institute the stay – which would allow Freedmen to retain citizenship - and for the court to set the matter for oral argument, which would be in the best interest of the Cherokee Nation, she said.

ALL FREEDMEN should exercise their right to vote.  This is an example of the BIA exercising it's moral outrage, one they have failed to do quite often in California.


Anonymous said...

and Washington State! Snoqualmie9

Anonymous said...

The Cherokee should refuse to take the money from the Government who seeks to oppress them.

They can choose to be free and criminal..