Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sierra Star News: Picayune Rancheria to Begin Disenrollment Process; Who Massacres More Indians Than Picayune?

Apparently, terminating 50% of their tribal citizens wasn't enough for the despicable Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians.

The Sierra Star News says: In next week's edition:   Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians begin tribal disenrollment process.

Read about stripping Indians of their citizenship     It looks like Picayune may be the biggest defiler of Indians


smokeybear said...

Come on now! When are these TREASONOUS ACTS" going to stop? Where the "Hell" is the "White Man's Whore: "Larry Ecohawk" and the B .I.A.?" They just stand back and allow this "Treachery" to unfold (Illegally) and won't even lift a finger to help. These Tribal Leaders, such as Redding, Disenroll a block of their Membership, then stand back and wait to see if the Government (Indian Affairs) will take a stand agaist them(Sanctions). Then when that doesn't happen (Of Course) they take another run at Disenrolling more of their Membership, "Because they now know that no one will stop them!" But they've known all along that the Government(Indian Affairs) wouldn't "Bite the hand that feeds them!" They enacted the "Indian Civil Rights Act," I think in 1968(help me with this one,Cuz), knowing full well that there was nothing in it for judical review, or the power to stop corrupt Indian Tribes from destroying the rights of the true "Native American Indian" given to them by their Constitutons and Bylaws that have stood the test of time before the advent of the casino! For this is "BLATANT TREASON" against a sovereign nation by Corrupt and Greedy Tribal Governments from within, "Because They Can!" I'll say it again: The Government(Indian Affairs) acts like a common street "JUNKIE" waiting for their next "FIX" from Tribal Leaders and then they dance "Like a puppet on a string" and then they bend "Over" to the Will of Corruption within these Tribal Nations. "Money talks" and "again," there is no "Money" in helping Disenrolled/Banished Native Americans. And we all know it's "ALL ABOUT THE MONEY" with the "Government(Indian Affairs)and they don't give a "Tinkers Damn" for the rights of the true Native American. So I ask youu ? Why do they even "Exist?" They are allowing the "Casino Indians" to erase any and all Legal Native Americans from existence as the "White Man tried to do in the "Days of Old!" We need to follow the "Money," for that is what it is going to take to bring down these "Corrupt and Greedy" Tribal Leaders. And maybe we could see to what extent the Government(Indian Affairs) envolvement in these corrupt acts.

smokeybear said...

Picayune, also doing these "Treasonous Acts." Where is the "Government(indian Affairs) and the "White Mans Whore: Larry Ecohawk?

Anonymous said...

Where are WE? We need to write letters to Picayune saying we won't go there and we will tell all our friends NOT to go there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the Sierra Star News for writing about disenrollments.

It's important to get these shameful acts into print.