Sunday, September 18, 2011

Former Picayune Chukchansi Tribal Council Member Charged With DUI and Injuring Others

California Highway Patrol filed a criminal complaint this week against Joe Alberta, tribal community representative for the Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians, for driving under the influence of alcohol and causing injury to another.
The official complaint was made following an investigation by CHP of the two vehicle traffic collision Alberta was involved in about 2:30 a.m. Aug. 28 on Picayune Road (417) east of Big Sandy Drive.

As of Tuesday, 37-year-old Alberta of Coarsegold, a candidate for District 5 county supervisor last year, remained in a coma in critical but stable condition at Fresno's Community Regional Medical Center.

CHP's criminal complaints came after a search warrant was served Sept. 8 by CHP officers Scott Gentry and
Doug Corbett to obtain any and all medical records from the hospital relating to Alberta.

"Based on the investigation of the traffic collision, there was sufficient evidence to believe Alberta was driving under the influence of alcohol," said CHP sergeant Edward Greene. "As a result of the clinical blood alcohol level from the hospital, the California Highway Patrol is filing a criminal complaint of driving under the influence of alcohol, causing
injury to another , and a second charge of driving under the influence of alcohol, causing injury to another, with a blood alcohol content level greater than .08% Per Se."

"There have been numerous rumors relating to this traffic collision," Greene said. "The fundamental fact is the Highway Patrol has spent numerous hours investigating this collision."
CHP officer Brent Reed investigated the accident and a more detailed report of the collision was released earlier this week by Greene, along with a statement that criminal complaints will be filed.

The report states that Alberta was driving alone headed westbound in a silver 2004 Honda Accord four-door sedan at high rate of speed rounding a large sweeping curve on Picayune Road (417) when he lost control of his car, crossed the center double lines and struck a two-door, green Ford Mustang that was heading eastbound, driven by Brandon Jeroue, 23,
of Fresno, and his passenger Michele Jackson, 21, of Coarsegold.


'aamokat said...

I remember when, at the casino before we were disenrolled, that Pechanga councilman Wolf Tinsley reportedly assaulted a Hunter family member and than got in his car and took off to hide at the rez before the cops got there. Wolf was reportedly drunk. I don't think he faced charges over the incident but it was very likely why he didn't run for re-election because of it.

During an argument with the Hunter family member, prior to the assault, Wolf reportedly referred to Hunter Lane as "Squatters Lane."

Does he realize that one of his family members, Solida Stevenson, testified on behalf of some of Paulina Hunter's children in probate hearings for their share of the Hunter family allotment in the 1930s?

So if we are squatters, then why would Wolf's family member vouch for us?

Sad because a Hunter family member was actually married to a member of the Stevenson family so part of the Hunter clan are related by marriage to Wolf's family and he treats family like that?

I remember at a tribal meeting when Wolf said he wasn't running for reelection a woman in the room said, "were sorry to see you go Wolfy."

Well maybe he shouldn't have acted like a drunken fool and then he wouldn't have had to step down.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness this drunk did not harm the other passengers.
Sad for Joe Alberta's family.

Anonymous said...

Wolf Tinsley battered a Hunter Family member and fellow Pechanga tribal member, then ran like a punk-assed bitch to the reservation, knowing the sheriff's department couldn't touch him.

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At least there were no damage being done. This needs to be investigated properly.

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Casualties can be avoided. It's all about implementing proper safety.

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Accidents like this one is really hard to avoid even tough you are driving responsibly. This is because you really have no control over other drivers on the same road with you.

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I hope she recovers pretty soon from that come but still she has to face the consequence of not following the law.

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