Thursday, September 1, 2011

Demonstration AT Bureau of Indian Affairs In Support of Freedmen After Removal of Cherokee Slave Descendents

This protest is open to all supporters.    The injustice that the Cherokee Nation has perpetrated on the descendents of THEIR slaves should be stayed.   The time itself stinks of corruption and collusion. If you support Bill John Baker in the election over Chad Smith, show your support by adding your voice to this demonstration.

Bureau of Indian Affairs Building
3100 W Peak
Muskogee, Oklahoma

Demonstrating of Freedmen and supporters asking BIA to block Cherokee nation from removing Cherokee Freedmen from tribal membership rolls and voters list just prior to election. Persons of all races, creeds and colors welcome. Bring your sign supporting 1866 treaty rights.     For more info contact Mrs Brown 918-683-2753.


The Cherokee Nation officially emancipated all slaves in 1863. The 1866 treaty that subsequently enfranchised these former slaves resulted in an amendment to the Cherokee Constitution that same year. That amendment reads:

“All native born Cherokees, all Indians, and whites legally members of the Nation by adoption, and all freedmen who have been liberated by voluntary act of their former owners or by law, as well as free colored persons who were in the country at the commencement of the rebellion, and are now residents therein, or who may return within six months from the 19th day of July, 1866, and their descendants, who reside within the limits of the Cherokee Nation, shall be taken and deemed to be, citizens of the Cherokee Nation.”

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