Friday, February 11, 2011

How has Expanded Gaming worked out for California? Pechanga doesn't even use the slots they said they needed.

Remember when tribes like Pechanga and  Sycuan   promised us they'd help balance the budget if only we'd give them MORE slot machines?   That can't be anywhere near the truth,especially since Sycuan hadn't ratified the new compact we we voted on it.

HOW BIG IS THE DECEPTION?  Recently, BUDDY FRANK, VP of Slots at the Pechanga Resort and Casino answered a question on slots this way:

 Buddy Frank Louise - We have over 2,800 machines open everyday of the week (that's more than just about any casino in Nevada). On weekends and holidays, our counts can go as high as 3,800. We measure the play levels all the time and make adjustments as needed. This saves energy, labor and hopefully matches the excitement level to the guest demand.

So, Pechanga doesn't ever OPEN all the slots they pressed us for.   Remember, they were going to pay a HUGE increase in taxes on the slots over 5,000 machines?   Well they don't even REACH that total, so how can we get enough money to balance our budget?     Gov. Jerry Brown, friend to tribes wants US to extend taxes on ourselves.

JUST SAY NO to MORE taxes.
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