Monday, January 31, 2011

Recall of Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro: Attempt by Splinter Group Fails; Child Molester Unsuccessful

UPDATE:  It's been 52 days and STILL no word of the recall attempt on the news, newspaper or the website run by Macarro's cousin, Rocha.  He's had plenty of time to research the story, since he must have heard about it here and via our emails.   Why keep it secret?  

UPDATE II: I've heard back from Rocha's assistant and he said: " I forwarded your link to Victor in case he wanted post it. He didn't."  I also heard back from Rocha and he said he didn't think my site was a legitimate news source.  Luckily for those of us that have been harmed by corrupt tribal councils, including the one led by Rocha's cousin Mark Macarro, the Feds do, we are regularly visited by the House, the Senate, The Office of the POTUS, BIA, Dept. of Justice and Dept. of Interior.

Pechanga Tribal Chairman Mark Macarro came under fire at the recent General Membership meeting of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians in Temecula, CA.

Macarro, who is well known in Indian Country for presiding over the disenrollment and genocide of 25% of his tribe, was the subject of a recall attempt by a group known as the CPP (Concerned Pechanga People).   This group allied themselves previously with the diminutive chairman in eliminated two large voting blocs from the  Manuela Miranda and Paulina Hunter descendents.
Miranda was a descendent of Pablo Apis, on whose land grant the Pechanga Resort & Casino is on, and Paulina Hunter is an Original Pechanga Person, who received an allotment on the reservation as a tribal person.

The CPP group, this time fronted by:  Raymond Basquez Sr.,  Ed Burbee, Gloria Wright & convicted child molester Vince Ibanez.  At a meeting that was designed to elect new PDC (Pechanga Development Corporation) leaders, the CPP presented a petition recalling Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro for nepotism in hiring his wife Holly Cook Macarro as the tribe's lobbyist.  

Holly Cook Macarro is a principal in IETAN Consulting, but was formerly employed by the tribes's then lobbying firm, Holland & Knight.

Holly & Mark Macarro

Macarro presented paperwork at the meeting that showed that the tribe had approved Holly as a lobbyist while at Holland and Knight in 2002.   This was prior their marriage, we believe,  and it was Holland & Knight that was chosen, not Holly.  Was the switch to IETAN Consulting ever brought before the tribe?

There was a vote on the validity of the recall petition and the tribe voted down the petition as invalid.   This is one time that Macarro, I'm sure will follow the will of the tribe. (/snark)    Macarro had previously overturned the will of the people in the Hunter disenrollment.

The die is cast, however and there is a new Macarro Enemies List.   Macarro now knows who is against him.    It might be a good idea for local citizens to stay away from Pechanga, exercising moral outrage at what Pechanga has become.

MR. MACARRO, there are 250 possible votes for your survival out here, simply re-visit your unlawful overruling of the people and reinstate the Hunters and Manuelas.  And while you are at it, undo the unconstitutional moratorium, I'm sure 100 of the Tosobols would vote in your favor.   It would have the added feature of reducing your enemies income.....hmm.

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