Monday, November 29, 2010

Pechanga Steals $4,700,000 per month, no news; Gives $42,000 to charities and Local News Swoon

That's right.  Pechanga steals $4.7 million per month, (per capita was $20,000 per month when Hunter Family was disenrolled, over 235 people cut off, including Manuela Miranda family).    They just gave a WHOPPING $42K to some local charities.

Now let's see,  Pechanga keeps an additional $53 MILLION per year, yet gives out about 100 grand.   Let's put this in perspective:

A housewife, spends all day cleaning the home, from top to bottom, windows, dusts the house including baseboards, bathrooms, five loads of laundry, dusts the blinds, changes the sheets mows the yard, front AND back, takes the kids to school and soccer practice, cooks dinner, sews her own clothes, does dishes and puts them away.   Then the husband proudly says,  "look honey, I emptied my OWN ashtray!"

Newspapers:   $42,000 is NOTHING.
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