Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pechanga Tribe's Masiel Crime Family Member, an "alleged" child shooter now BAIL JUMPER

The Pechanga Tribe can control their criminal element. First he 'allegedly' shoots at a child then he doesn't appear in court FORFEITING his bond. His relatives were just arrested for parole violations. Is the Pechanga Resort and Casino SAFE?

A judge today raised bail to $3 million for a 43-year-old Pechanga tribal member who did not show up in time for a hearing in his attempted murder case.

Robert Martin Masiel, who lives on the Soboba Indian Reservation, had been out on $1 million bail and was due to appear in court today for a felony settlement conference.

At his last hearing on Oct. 30, his lawyer indicated there could be a plea agreement in the offing and the matter was held over until today, according to court records.

This afternoon, a new private attorney, Michael Mack, and Masiel's other lawyer, Karen Lockhart, indicated that Masiel was "incapacitated" and thus could not appear, according to the posted court record of what transpired.

Riverside Superior Court Judge Timothy Freer ordered the defendant's bond forfeited and issued a failure-to-appear warrant. About an hour later, the judge quashed the bench warrant but kept bail at $3 million. He also set a hearing for Tuesday.

Masiel allegedly fired two shots into a group of four people -- one of whom was 14 years old -- in San Jacinto on Sept. 30, 2008.

According to sheriff's Detective Steven Fredericks, Masiel was angry over a debt owed him by one of the men.

Rudy Saucedo told investigators he owed Masiel $200 from two years before. But when Masiel asked for the money that day, he told the defendant he had just been released from county jail and would not have the money for a couple of months, according to court papers.

The shooting occurred in the backyard of the home of another man, whose property the group was helping to clean.

Masiel allegedly said, "This is for the money you owe me," then fired two shots in the direction of the group.

OP: $350,000 earner Masiel worried about $200 he was owed. It was the principle of the matter? Of course, he thinks nothing of taken money stolen from honorable tribal members his family ensured were eradicated from the Pechanga Tribe.
AND HUGE SURPRISE... The Press Enterprise didn't report that an "alleged" attempted murderer didn't appear in court!
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